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Planning a CT Scanner Relocation? Be Sure You Have These

Posted by Dave Jenkins

Jun 22, 2012 10:34:00 AM

:: 2 minute read ::

CT Gantry Dollies

I’m surprised (though maybe I shouldn’t be) that I have to say this: Your CT scanner is not a refrigerator, or a pull-out sofa, or your grandmother’s nineteenth-century china hutch!

Because your CT scanner is none of the above, it is our strong recommendation that you not attempt to move it like any of the above. Unless you happen to be a CT engineer, you won’t find 90% of what you need for this job in your garage, your buddy’s pole barn, or even at Home Depot.  

Before you decide to try your luck anyway, here are some things we urge you to keep in mind when moving your CT:


Each CT gantry is unique

Gantry styles vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, model to model, and even year to year in the same model line. Some gantries are heavier than others. Some are circular while others have flat sides. Some have dolly mounting holes in the front and back, or on the ends, or not at all. Essentially: there is no one dolly that will work with all CT gantry types.


Each CT gantry is fragile (and expensive)

A CT is a terribly complex piece of equipment. To acquire and process the quality images these machines are capable of, the gantry has to be stuffed full of sensitive components. Some of these components are very easy to break and almost all of them are very costly.

Anyone moving a CT scanner with the wrong dollies runs the risk of damaging imaging components, the cosmetic covers of the gantry (also relatively expensive), or even the metal frame on which their gantry rests.


Hire a professional engineering team

This may seem like a gratuitous sales pitch for a service that we provide, but this recommendation is much more than that. Admittedly, we’d be thrilled if you gave Block Imaging the opportunity to move your CT, but we’d also be happy to see you save yourself trouble and money by hiring anybody who is an industry professional and has the appropriate tools and dollies.

Any money you spend with an organization that does this work frequently would be dwarfed by the sum you could spend repairing or replacing a CT system that was damaged or ruined during the course of a mishandled relocation.


For those of you who have read this and think our recommendation seems sound; please feel free to contact us for an estimate to relocate your CT, R/F Room, MRI, or any other piece of medical imaging equipment you’d like to move. For those of you who prefer to learn your lessons at Hard Knocks University; good luck, but don’t say no one warned you!


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Written by Dave Jenkins

author of blog post

Dave Jenkins is a Project Manager at Block Imaging. He coordinates and eases the logistics of dozens of imaging projects each year. Out of the office, Dave travels with his family and avidly supports University of Michigan Athletics.

Topics: Imaging Equipment Service, Imaging Equipment Project Management

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