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TIMS DICOM System for Speech Pathology

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Speech Pathologists: Block Imaging has just added a new product to the list of medical imaging equipment we deal in- the TIMS DICOM System

Thank you, thank you! We know you’re very excited for us, but introducing any new product tends to prompt questions. So, because we knew you’d ask, we put together some answers below.


What is the TIMS DICOM System? 

The TIMS DICOM system is a device that records imaging studies in high-resolution, digital (DICOM) video format and sends them to PACS for permanent archiving. It also allows immediate playback so the results of studies can be reviewed and discussed with the patient while they are still in the room.


What are the upshots? 

-          No more low-quality tapes or DVDs cluttering up offices and storage areas. Your studies will be stored digitally on your PACS system.

-          Your digital video will be available for immediate playback for review by the therapist and/or detailing strategies with the patient.

-          You can label each of the runs during the study or once the study is complete. This eliminates the need for paper note-taking and the confusion of remembering consistencies from run-to-run.

-          Synced audio can be recorded during the study to capture your directions to the patient or even the sounds they are making during the case.

-          If the patient or referring physician would like a copy of the video, TIMS will instantly burn a DVD with a DICOM viewer immediately after the study.tims dicom system

That’s all well and good, but…

We know, we know: every practitioner has their own preferences for getting, transmitting, and storing their studies. Perhaps you intend to send your studies directly to PACS, or maybe you intend to send them to a workstation for editing first, or you might even prefer to continue producing a hard copy for each case. Whatever your workflow and storage plans, TIMS can be very flexible. Let us know what works best for you and we will discuss how TIMS can meet all of your needs. 

TIMS not only provides DICOM connectivity for legacy equipment but also allows long format video recording for brand new fluoroscopy systems. Whether you are looking to extend the life of older equipment or purchase a new room, The TIMS DICOM System will be required to record all of your speech pathology studies.