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Why Does Block Imaging Blog?

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Each day our team engages 100's of people in the field of radiology and imaging from all around the world.  Through the course of these connections we get asked lots of questions.  As you can imagine, each person on our team has a different area of expertise in the world of imaging. Some know about pricing and availability while others know about areas of compliance and site preparations. The list goes on - the value that GPOs bring, moving permanent magnets, FDA Documentation, political implications and questions about the alphabet soup of radiology

The reason we blog is to help equip and empower you with the answers you need to make great decisions. 

Our goal is to display as much of our collective knowledge for your perusal, at your convenience.  We're partners in your success. 

We take seriously our responsibility to equip you so that you can, in turn, offer a second chance at life to your patients. 

We are hopeful that the information we provide will result in someone experiencing a better, longer, healthier and more pain free life. That's why we write blogs. 

If you have an idea, question or topic you'd like our team cover in a future blog article, please comment below or send me a message.