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Used MRI vs Refurbished MRI

Posted by Steve Rentz

Apr 30, 2012 2:32:00 PM

refurbished MRI

Refurbished, used, second-hand, pre-owned… not the best options for underpants; but more and more, a smart choice for medical imaging equipment. However, in many cases, hospitals and imaging centers get too hung up on the word "used" when sometimes it’s more about how the word "used" is used and what it really means. Let’s quickly scan through some common keywords and how they relate and don’t relate to MRI systems on the secondary market. 

Is MRI Refurbishment Necessary?

Without minimizing the complexity of an MRI installation project (and they ARE complex), let me say that MRIs just don’t take the pounding that other equipment does. With the exception of the table perhaps, there just aren’t a lot of moving parts so, while “light use” sounds good in marketing material, it really shouldn’t make much of a difference to a potential buyer, nor should ‘round-the-clock patient scans be a cause for concern. While the word “Refurbishment” definitely sounds better than (pick-your-alternative-word-from-the-first-sentence), the fact that the gantry doesn’t spin, it doesn’t have a tube that will wear out, and it doesn’t go clonking around from room to room often makes refurbishment un-necessary for MRI or, at the very least, an added cost that should be looked at very carefully.

Partial Refurbishment

Sometimes partial refurbishment is a better option. After an MRI machine is proven to be functional within OEM specifications a buyer may still want to look into some lighter, more “cosmetic” refurbishment (MRI coils, covers, table pads, etc.) if necessary. Generally though, the restorative work needed on a used MRI is nothing like the extensive work that’s put into a CT refurb, for instance. 

Mind Your Coldhead

One area where refurbishment IS often necessary on an MRI Scanner is the coldhead. Expect this to last up to a couple years (sometimes longer, sometimes shorter). The age of the coldhead is something to note during an inspection as an end of life unit will result in some up-front costs. Shield temps that are outside the norm help to determine this. However, a coldhead that’s even two years old might not ALWAYS be in need of immediate replacement.  We have seen several instances of much longer life than that if the absorber (that filters out oil and contaminents) is changed out regularly.  Keep this fresh and everything runs better – kind of like the oil filter in your car.

Taken down to its essence, an MRI is basically a very large, very powerful magnet along with a fancy computer, coils to image various parts of the body, and a few electronics cabinets.  These can be repaired, replaced, painted, upgraded, or added to, but if it’s not broken, cracked, chipped, burned, or quenched, the mere fact that the system is “used” shouldn’t mean you have to pay for a refurbishment process that essentially replaces parts that are still functional and definitely doesn’t mean that you’re not getting a piece of high quality equipment that will last for years. Just make sure you do your homework. We can help with that!


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