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Dear Imaging Equipment Service Engineer... YOU MATTER

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If you’re a regular reader of our blog you know by now that we’re more than just an imaging equipment, parts and service provider; we’re passionate about extending a second chance at life for people around the world. And as part of that mission, we really care about recognizing and thanking people in our industry for the role that they play in making a difference in people’s lives, whether they realize it or not.

You Matter

Research and development scientists, assembly line crew members, biomeds, and service engineers may not be on the front lines of patient care but the role that they play in allowing that modern miracle to happen is significant.  It is precisely why I’ve felt compelled to publicly thank our wonderful radiology and imaging industry in a past article and let you know that YOU MATTER.  It is precisely why GE Healthcare produced this powerful video.

A Service Engineer Learns He Saved a Life

And every once in a while, some of you will actually get the chance to experience just how very important your contribution is. The following story, shared with us by Chris Salberg, owner of Rapid X-ray (and one of our frequent blog readers), is one such example:

imaging equipment service engineer YOU MATTER"I've been in the business of servicing diagnostic imaging equipment for over 24 years, specializing in cath lab service in a major hospital system for the past 10. Just recently I was in a situation where I saw, and was told, first-hand that I had saved a life while performing my duties.

The surgical staff had placed an emergency room patient with severe chest pains into one of our cardiac cath rooms. While the staff was in the middle of placing multiple stents into the patient the lab’s fluoroscopy functions crashed. They rebooted the system with no success while I was on my way from the bio-medical shop to the cath lab and as I arrived I could see and sense the stress of the nurses tending to the patient.

I was able to quickly diagnose the problem as a faulty footswitch cable. As a work-around to get the procedure finished, I was able to manually shoot fluoro when told to from the equipment room throughout the hour-long procedure.

After the stents were inserted and the patient was out of the room, I went back to the biomed shop and found the footswitch that I needed to repair the system. As I was installing it, one of the nurses came into the room and told me she really thought they were going to lose that patient as his vitals were getting weaker and weaker. She thanked me, and went on, saying there was no doubt in her mind that if they were unable to finish the procedure right then and there that the patient would not have made it.

As I mentioned above I’ve been in this business for quite some time, yet it took 23 years or so to see that the end result of our work as imaging service specialists does save lives. If you are not working on cath labs or other interventional services you may not ever see the end result of your work, but remember: even if you’re simply getting a crashed system back up or fine-tuning an image so the radiologists are able to see what they need to see, we service engineers are vital!"

What a Great Reminder

In the course of our day-to-day responsibilities it’s easy to forget that what we do matters beyond our offices, our hospitals, and even our operating rooms. We look forward to sharing more stories like this one in the future as encouraging reminders for all of us. You Matter.

--Your Turn--

Do you have an inspirational story about the people of our industry that you'd like to share? How has someone's contribution in the world of radiology and imaging affected your life or someone you love? What ways can we all work together to extend this second chance at life to more people around the world?

Thanks to Chris Salberg for your contributions!