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How to Tell if an OEC 9600 C-Arm Has Old-Style or New-Style Steering

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This question about OEC 9600 C-arm steering has been asked thousands of times. It's so common in fact, that I took the liberty of commemorating the question in song. The first couple of verses, submitted for your approval:

Let’s Ask It: Key of D, Apologies to Cole Porter 

Registered Nurses ask it               
Doctors whom Medicare reimburses ask it
Let's ask it; how can I tell if my OEC 9600 has old style or new style steering?

At Mayo Clinic, the best X-ray techs ask it
Operators of any sex ask it
Let's ask it; how can I tell if my OEC 9600 has old style or new style steering?

Basically, the moral of the song is: don’t feel bad, everyone asks this question. Unfortunately, my lyrics provide zero answers, so here’s the run down in pictorial form:

 9600 old style steering  9600 new style steering

OEC 9600 Old-Style Steering

OEC 9600 New-Style Steering

What's the Big Difference?

The fixed handles on both sides of the c-arm with old-style steering require the user to do the bulk of the steering with their body weight and a lot more effort. The system with new-style steering has one handle that rotates from left to right, steering the rear wheels of the c-arm with it and allowing for lateral sideways movement and tighter cornering with less effort.

If your system has a rotating handle on the c-arm, you’ve got the added ease of new-style steering. If your system has fixed handles, look forward to the calorie-burning benefits of pushing around an old-style OEC 9600.

So that’s it! The answer is really that simple. Now, before you go pounding on your accountant’s door and demanding that room be found in the budget to purchase a new-style c-arm, please keep in mind that steering style has no bearing on the scanning capabilities of the system. But, if the upgrade means that much to you, don’t hesitate to give us a call, and we’ll be happy to steer you in the right direction.

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