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Why GE MRI? The Factors Driving GE’s Hold in the Secondary Market

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“What does he have that I don’t?” Those of us who were wallflowers in high school have vivid memories of a time when we asked ourselves that. We quickly realized that the other guy had muscles, athletic ability, brand new acid-wash Jordache jeans, and a Trans-Am. But we had brains, a sense of humor, a strong work ethic, and good taste in movies. Those things are way more important than that other stuff, right?

Only on the secondary market!

All too often first love goes to the beautiful, the new, and the exotic; and why not? Those things are fun! Besides, when they lose their luster, there’s still plenty of nerdy fish in the sea.

In today’s secondary MRI market, used GE MRI systems are most certainly the wallflowers. For new buyers “First Love” bloomed when they saw that brand new Siemens 3T, or the alluring lines of that Philips closed-bore, or maybe even the slick convenience features that come with the used GE’s younger, hipper brother, fresh from the factory.

But, first love faded when the prices had too many zeroes, or when the nearest service engineer was 6 hours away. These cases are the used GE MRI’s chance to shine!

Your Wallet LOVES Practicality… 


No single manufacturer’s MRI systems are more widely available on the US secondary market than GE’s.


As a result of GE’s sustained market share in MRI there are more techs, applications specialists, and 3rd party engineers who are knowledgeable in using them, training on them, and servicing them. In the case of the latter, this gives owners a chance to shop around a bit when they consider MRI service engineering groups.


Like the Ford Mustang is with collectible cars, GE MRIs enjoy a wide supply of spare parts. This is driven in part by the number of systems on the market and currently in use, the large number of service engineers who work with GE, and the fact that GE is still supporting many of their older systems that have been installed for years.

Current Magnets

Up until very recently, and for over 10 years, the GE CXK4 low cryogen consumption magnet was THE 1.5T magnet used with all GE products introduced. In many ways it was, and is, the “standard”. 70cm bore sizes are now being introduced by several manufacturers, including models from GE, but the 60cm CXK4 can still be considered “current technology”.

…But You Can Still Dream! 

Why is GE MRI so popular on the secondary market? Because when you’re done “window shopping” and the budget committee puts the kibosh on your big plans, used GE MRI’s offer a great big slice of good ol’ PRACTICALITY.

Don’t let our humble opinion scare you away from purchasing a new or used system from any manufacturer you wish. Your specific needs are your own business, so don’t worry, we won’t label you as “shallow”.

Just remember that MRI ownership has two sides: functionality/features and system management concerns. All the major OEMs have a lot to offer when it comes time to look at system specs, but for US buyers GE stands out in the nuts and bolts aspects of MRI ownership.

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