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OEC 9600 C-Arm Boot-up Problems? Get Your SRAM Checked!

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An acid fire had been burning in Peter’s gut for some time. His debts, his inability to shed the ten pounds he gained from reckless holiday indulgences, his daughter’s new boyfriend with the motorcycle and the skull tattoo…  

Worry to the point of ulceration was becoming par for the wildly-spinning, windmill-laden, putt-putt course that was the life of Peter Pendlepine. And to make matters worse, Peter just got to work at the clinic and the OEC 9600 C-Arm won’t boot.


Maybe things aren’t as rough for you as they are for Peter, but every c-arm owner/user knows the frustration that comes with standing in the looming shadow of the proverbial eight ball first thing in the morning. If you’re experiencing the problem that Peter has above (the c-arm one, we can’t help you with your daughter’s boyfriend) pour yourself a nice hi-ball of Mylanta and read on.

Common Symptoms:

First off, add these to your glossary:

SRAM /es-ram/ n. acronym standing for static random access memory, a storage place for vital operating information in an OEC c-arm

doghouse /dôg-haůs/ n. the portion of an OEC c-arm that resides at the top of the central column, features keypads on its sides and a series of varicolored buttons on its top

c arm doghouseNow that the terminology is out of the way, let’s take a look at the errors your doghouse might be throwing your way. If your error is one of the following, your problem is likely connected to your SRAM card:

  1. Doghouse displays are blank or circulate squares continuously without progressing to arrows
  2. “Checksum Error”
  3. “Serial Num Mismatch”


  1. The boot sector/ operating system on your SRAM card is corrupt (usually from a dead SRAM battery)
  2. Critical MAIN.EXE file on your SRAM card is corrupt (sorry, this just happens sometimes)
  3. Someone experienced problem A or B and tried to fix it with the wrong parts


That’s all very interesting, but why do I need to know this?

We know, we know; you’re wondering why we’ve bothered to tell you something that your service provider already knows. We don’t blame you! So let us lay down the “moral” of the story:

Peace of mind: You can reassure your boss (or your accountant if you are the boss) that the problem is probably with the SRAM card or the SRAM battery and that both of those parts are relatively inexpensive.

Easy parts access: You can also save money by ordering the parts yourself. Block Imaging Parts & Service carries SRAM cards that you can order with as little information as the serial number of your machine and the software part number for your workstation (see below). With this information, these cards can be pre-formatted to interface with your machine.  As for the SRAM battery, this is a common, off-the-shelf coin-cell battery. PLEASE NOTE: do not remove the SRAM battery yourself! You could wipe the memory from your machine if this is done incorrectly. Let an engineer remove this then make a note of the battery type and run yourself to the nearest electronics store. This part should cost you less than $10.00.

 System Info For SRAM

Prevent data loss: Now you can request that every time your service provider does preventative maintenance on your c-arm they back up the calibration and operation info too. This process involves several tools that only an engineer would have and a certain type of laptop that’s so old, the engineer probably still plays “Pong” on it during his lunch break.

Knowledge is power: Even knowing all this, we can’t say that you’ll never have another reason to ulcerate over your c-arm, but what you will have is a solid knowledge base to communicate from when you contact your service provider. An engineer that knows what he’s walking into is a happy engineer!

If you have more questions about SRAM cards or are currently in need of an SRAM card, please contact us. We’d love to help!


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