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We Agree with GE Healthcare – You Matter

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Several weeks ago I saw a video produced by GE in which their aerospace engineering team watches a plane take off using the engine they’ve designed and manufactured. This morning I was forwarded another GE “story” connecting folks in their healthcare engineering division with cancer survivors that had gotten early, life-saving diagnoses as a result of GE scanning technology.

These videos were a reminder to me that in our industry, while we don’t often get to see the results of the work we do, the results are out there every day proving that our work is more significant than we realize.

Remember: there is no cure without a diagnosis, no prevention without assessment, and no understanding without research. And that’s the power of imaging. Whether helping to improve, sustain, extend or even see life for the very first time, Block Imaging is thankful to be part of such a powerful industry. 



“I’m here. I’m with my family. I’m with my friends and I’m able to continue my life.”

GE – Thank you for the reminder this morning: You are more influential than you think!

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