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Should Spare Parts Availability Play Into Which C-Arm I Buy?

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Are there C-arm parts available? Will we be able to fix it? 

Hardly a week goes by where our team doesn’t discuss long term parts and servicing capability with customers considering two different used C-arm models.

We hear things like, “We should buy the newer system because there won’t be enough parts for the older one, right?” on the regular. We hear it so often, in fact, that we'd like to say the following: My bologna has a first name; it’s O-S-C-A-R.


The Real Deal

The opposite is actually true! For the most part, if a system has been sold widely in the marketplace, the older it gets, the more parts are available and the more engineers are capable of servicing it.

Let’s break it down: Depending on the modality, systems that were manufactured in the ‘90s have been coming out of facilities since Jordan was winning championships and Nirvana was winning Grammys. Some have been re-sold, some have been parted out. Regardless – the parts are everywhere. 


Consider These Considerations

As you consider the best equipment for your facility, make sure you do ask about parts and serviceability, but don’t make assumptions; those who do often end up buying and spending more than they need. With the ever-changing state of reimbursements, the medical imaging industry must be as efficient as ever. 

If you have questions about parts or service accessibility, would like assistance in comparing two systems or anything else in the world of imaging, we’re here to help you strike that delicate balance between economics and clinical utility.

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