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GE Innova 2000 vs. Innova 2100... The Monday Night Debate

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Monday nights are different for people who work in the medical imaging industry. Like millions of others, we’re at home watching the newest episode of House with our customary bowl of mustard pretzels on the coffee table and an ice cold Shasta in hand. Dr. House has just given a particularly obnoxious patient a well-deserved verbal drubbing (leaving us wishing we could be so liberal with our vitriol) after which the patient was summarily sent away to receive the episode’s 15th ultra-costly test.

But while everyone else’s heart jumps into their throat as Obnoxious Patient goes under and swoon-inducing Dr. Chase makes the incision, our eyes turn instinctively to the tabletops, control panels, and monitor booms filling up the rest of the frame. “I don’t think that lab really comes with flat-panel monitors,” we think. Or, perhaps we ask, “Is that the Innova 2000 or the 2100?” Don’t deny it. You’ve done it, and it bugged you the rest of the night. And just to fact-check yourself, you went searching for material to confirm your suspicions/answer your questions.

Because we knew you would, we went ahead and worked up a convenient compare/contrast piece to help you distinguish between two common models of GE Interventional Labs: the Innova 2000 and the Innova 2100.

Identical Features Between Both Innova Systems:

  • Cardiac focus
  • Image quality
  • Flat panel detectors
  • Cosmetic appearance
  • Table functions
  • Generator power

Differing Features Between Innova Systems:

  • The Innova 2000 can come with either CRT or flat panel monitors depending on the vintage. The 2100 comes with flat panel monitors standard.
  • Each model uses a different x-ray tube than the other. The difference does not affect image quality.
  • The 2100 can be upgraded to the IQ platform while the 2000 cannot. The IQ platform gives the user touchscreen interaction with their PACS network and a set of table-side controls for the lab. Note: these accessories do not change or improve image quality.

See an Innova 2000 Run-Off

Monetary Implications of Innova 2000 vs 2100

It bears consideration that the Innova 2000 offers substantial savings in parts and service. The system has some backwards compatibility with the Advantx series that makes parts easier to find and cheaper to buy. The type of tube used in the 2000 is also more common and less expensive to replace than the tube in the 2100. The same is true of pricing and availability for Innova 2000 detectors. In the event of a breakdown, the owner of an Innova 2000 is likely to pay a good deal less to restore system functionality than the owner of an Innova 2100.

If all that sterling imaging equipment they keep showing off at television’s best hospital has you yearning for an upgrade, the facts above may cause you to lean toward the newest, slickest system you can get your hands on. Flat panel monitors, table-side controls, and streamlined PACS interaction are all convenient and can improve efficiency in the OR, but the costs of the convenience value of these features must be weighed against the actual diagnostic benefit they will yield. In the case of the Innova series, those benefits will be minimal.

Just Remember

There’s no doubt that new features are convenient and can help save time for doctors and radiologists, but those features are often just that: convenient time-savers. The corporate sponsors of House are happy to parade their latest and greatest on TV, but they’re not very likely to clue you in on the costs. Keep that in mind next Monday when that irresistible new 128-slice CT catches your eye.


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