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Dry Imager Comparison: AGFA Drystar Axys vs The Competition

Posted by Darrin Dodge

Feb 22, 2012 8:40:00 AM

:: 2 minute read ::

agfa drystar axys vs competing imagersMeet Dr. Smith. His friends call him John, but you’ve only just met, so let’s stick with the title, okay? Dr. Smith loves racquetball, Jimmy Stewart movies, a delicate white paired with a salmon filet, and imagers that print crisp pictures and don’t break down.

Relative to that last item, Dr. Smith used to have one. “Used to” being the operative phrase. But now his film processing equipment is limping along (when it works at all) and frustrating him to the point of breaking his Hippocratic Oath all over the next person to use the word “imager”. It seems the ravages of time, incessant use, and infrequent maintenance have once again taken their toll. It’s time for the good Dr. to make a new investment.

Of course, Dr. Smith knows that any good investment requires homework, homework that any good Dr. has precious little time to do. Luckily, we at Block Imaging are in the business of doing homework on medical imaging equipment and, for our money, we’d like to recommend that Dr. Smith give serious consideration to the AGFA Drystar AXYS. Keep reading to find out why.

We compared features of the Drystar AXYS up against three other makes/models and learned the following:


Drystar AXYSAgfa Drystar AXYS

Fuji DryPix 2000 vs Agfa AXYSFuji DryPix 2000

Time to 1st Sheet

65 Seconds

105 Seconds

Media Type

 Direct Digital Grayscale Media



75 Sheets per hour

50 Sheets per hour



Drystar AXYSAgfa Drystar AXYS

Kodak DRYVIEW 5850 vs Agfa AXYSKodak DryView 5850

Resolution Technology

Direct Digital

Laser (some loss of resolution)

Data Transmission Language


Kodak proprietary language

Data Language Conversion

N/A (resident DICOM)

Throughput loss during conversion to DICOM

Media Drawers

Any drawer accepts any size

Each size requires its own magazine

DICOM Connections

Up to 255


Odor Filter

Not Needed


FFDM Compatibility


Cannot be upgraded



Drystar AxysAgfa Drystar AXYS

Sony Imagers vs Agfa AXYSSony Imagers
(All Lines)

Servicing Capabilities

Company engineers and trained independents

In-house repairs via shipping ONLY

Media Prices


Higher (Sony media is manufactured by a 3rd party)



604 (note: additional PPI of no value as the maximum resolution in medical imaging is 100 pixels)


A Few Other Notable Features of the Drystar Axys:

  • 2-year print engine warranty- standard
  • Best value pricing- lists at $25,900 without FFDM license and the mid-high 20 thousands with FFDM license and the Drystar Smart Cart accessory
  • The AXYS is currently the most popular dry imager for general rad, orthopedics, dentistry, chiropractic, and mammography

There are other features and benefits to the AGFA Drystar AXYS that are not mentioned here, but make it clear why this imager is so widely used. If you’re considering a purchase for your hospital, clinic, or imaging center, a member of Block’s Imaging Solutions Team can support you with more information and options on AGFA imagers.

What a Relief!

Phew! Now that Dr. Smith has the lowdown on one of the best dry imagers out there, he can rest assured that his film processing woes will be over soon and he’ll be able to get back to the things he loves which, frankly, seem really classy. As a matter of fact, tonight looks perfect for a glass of pinot and Rear Window on the big screen. But Dr. Smith probably already knew that, didn’t he?

Ready to order your new dry imager?

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Written by Darrin Dodge

author of blog post

Topics: Imaging Equipment Solutions, Used Medical Imaging Equipment, Mammography

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