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Dear Radiology and Imaging Industry... #YouMatter

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Meet Bo.

Bo has wild hair, blue eyes, an effervescent 2 yr old sister, an adoring daddy and Bo is totally smitten with his momma. When Bo was 6 months old his momma went to the doctor.

Based on an abnormality in her abdominal muscle the doctor wanted to run some tests.


Turns out, the abnormality was a malignant tumor and Bo’s momma had to have some mind blowing conversations about biopsies, major surgery, treatment, high reoccurrence rates and the need for immediate action.

--major surgery--

So Bo’s momma had her big bad surgery and the doctors removed a good section of her abdominal muscle. Thankfully, the margins were negative and follow-up scans confirm that the tumor isn’t coming back.


Bo’s momma now has a “5 pack” of abs instead of a “6 pack”.  She can pick up her two precious kiddos again and the scar across her stomach isn’t a nuisance... It is a badge of inspiration as she treasures an amazing new perspective on every minute spent with family and friends and making a difference in this world.

--a second chance at life--

Bo’s momma knows that “a second chance at life” isn’t just a tag line or marketing shtick…
It is a gift she has been given and she is now passionate about extending the same to others.

Bo’s momma was very fortunate to have access to very caring doctors and advanced imaging technology to help her get better.  There are a lot of other mommas (and sisters, brothers, daddies, daughters and sons) out there who don’t have access to these same resources.

Fortunately, Bo’s momma works in an amazing industry that can do something about that. She feels very blessed to be part of the Radiology and Imaging world where our daily work is more than just business... we are all privileged to have a very important mission… and that is to extend a second chance at life for people like Bo’s momma across the globe.

And Bo and his momma want you to know how much your work means to them.
How do I know this with certainty?

Because I am Bo’s momma.

So thank you from the bottom of my heart, for the impact you've made on my life and my family's. Your work matters. YOU MATTER.


Krista Kotrla Family loves radiology and imaging

--Your Turn--

Do you have an inspirational story about the people of our industry that you'd like to share? How has Radiology and Imaging affected your life or someone you love? What ways can we all work together to extend this second chance at life to more people around the world? 

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