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What to Expect for Your MRI Coil Repair

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You’ve been minding your p’s and q’s- your air conditioner is keeping things in the low 70’s, your helium level is in the low 90’s, and your service group has done a PM on your MRI every quarter since you had it installed around three years ago. You’ve been the perfect magnet owner. So what did you do to deserve MRI coil problems? The answer is: probably nothing.

Chances are, all that uptime, the trouble-free scans, and the wear and tear on your MRI coils have led you to the sad eventuality of coil failure. So now what?

We’re happy to say that you can most likely get your full range of scanning capabilities back without replacing your damaged coils, and that we can help you with it! Of course, a claim like this raises some questions. Luckily, we’ve heard many of them before. So, to clear a few things up, here’s the skinny on what you can expect when you order an MRI coil repair through Block Imaging Parts & Service.

Which MRI coils can you repair?

We can repair 95% of all damaged MRI coils. From GE to Siemens to Philips, Block Imaging Parts & Service works with coils from all the major MRI manufacturers. We also repair all coil types from body to wrist to head to breast for all systems types from 1.0T to 3.0T.

My coil is pretty messed up. What's the likelihood that you can fix it?

If your coil is having an electrical problem, there’s a 90% chance that we’ll be able to resolve the issue. If the problem is cosmetic, the chances rise to 95%.

If I send you guys my MRI coil for repair, how long will it be before I get it back?

Most electrical repairs can be done in 1-3 business days, not counting transit time. If the repairs include cosmetic restoration, the turnaround increases to about 5 days so we can make sure your coil is returned to like-new appearance.

What exactly is being done to my coil during those 3-5 days?

The process begins with a visual and mechanical inspection. From there, the coil’s covers are opened up and each internal connection is tested for continuity. Then, each individual component is tested independently and replaced as needed. If requested, we can also provide cosmetic refurbishment and foam pad replacement, though these items may increase the turnaround time for the customer.

That sounds great! But do you have loaner coils?

Dare to dream, my friend! We have a pool of coils available for rent at a weekly rate while yours is being repaired. This pool is by no means all-inclusive, but is always growing to include a wider variety of types and manufacturers. If we have a match for your coil, we’ll be happy to overnight it to your site so you can continue scanning in the interim.

Hopefully, this has answered your initial questions and you can now confidently order that MRI coil repair knowing exactly what to expect. On a more somber note, however, not every coil can be saved. Sometimes the flexing, the bumping, and the tearing are too much and a coil just can’t be revitalized. We’re ready to step in when this happens as well. Long story short: we’d love to save you big money over OEM replacement by repairing your coil, but when that won’t work you can still save with the purchase of used and refurbished coils. If you need to know more about repairs or replacements, please don’t hesitate to contact us!

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