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Medical Equipment Service Comparison: Full Service vs. Parts Only

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Balancing Need and Cost in Medical Imaging Equipment Service

Full Service Agreements

When it comes time to talk pricing for medical imaging equipment service, there is frequently some initial “sticker shock” at the cost of full service coverage. This is understandable, considering the big investment you have already made in purchasing equipment and training your personnel in how to use it. However, we want to reassure you that a full service contract pays for itself not only with maintenance and parts, but with the peace of mind it brings.

Here are some of the pros of full service contracts that add to the value of this type of agreement:

  • All labor, engineer travel costs, and replacement parts are covered
  • PMs are included and scheduled by our Service Coordinators at regular intervals with no action needed on the part of the site
  • Sites with no biomedical team can have engineers dispatched to them from the Block Imaging network
  • The cost risk of equipment failure is completely mitigated

Parts-Only Service Agreements

In a perfect world, every site would have exactly the budget they need to have this type of coverage on their imaging equipment. Unfortunately, with the ups and downs of the economy and the uncertainty in the industry bred by decisions in Washington, even a clear understanding of the features enjoyed by our full service subscribers may not be enough to relieve that sticker shock. But, not to worry! For sites that are operating under heavier budget constraints, there is the option to sign up for a parts-only service contract.

Here are some of the features that make a parts-only type of agreement a good option for those situations:

  • Replacement parts are covered
  • Parts are located and shipped to your site overnight by the Block Imaging Parts Team
  • Sites that have a biomedical department can use their in-house labor to install replacement parts
  • By accepting a greater portion of the risk of equipment failure, the site can lower their coverage costs

These are only two styles of service agreement that occupy opposite ends of the service need vs. service cost spectrum. If you feel your facility falls somewhere in between these two, please contact us to learn more about our intermediate levels of service coverage.

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