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What Medical Imaging Equipment Do They Really Have in Inventory?

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Are you skeptical when someone in the used imaging equipment business uses the word "inventory"? We are too. To some providers, "inventory" is simply a list of potential offerings. For others it means a system is paid for and physically present at the company offering it. While this discussion can quickly fall into competing semantics- "What does it mean to actually own something anyway?"  "Do we really 'own' the car we drive or the house we live in?"- our goal is to make it clear why inventory matters and what Block Imaging means when we say, "inventory".

Inventory Matters

It has been said that “ownership is 9/10th of the law”. This adage is particularly apt when we approach the purchase of a major capital investment like medical imaging equipment. Ownership of a product is a key implication when providers start throwing around the word "inventory".

If a provider owns a system, they control when, and if, it is sold. If you send a deposit on that system, unless otherwise stated, you have reserved it from the entity that currently controls the disposition of the system. If you send the deposit to someone who does not own the system, trusting that person to buy it on your behalf, the money may arrive in their account, only for you both to find that the system is no longer available for purchase.

We know that, in many locations around the world, sending wire transfers can be complicated. Moreover, it's never a comfortable position to be in when someone else is holding your money and you have nothing to show for it. This is all the more reason to make sure the person you are working with has secured the system and is not simply waiting for you to deposit dollars to fund it for them.

What "Inventory" Means to Block Imaging

Block Imaging is committed to using the word "inventory" only in reference to equipment that has been either fully purchased by us, or is already contractually obligated to us from the current owner through a completed deposit transaction to secure the system.

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Because we operate on a global scale, we don't use "inventory" to imply physical presence in our headquarters. A system that is considered Block Imaging inventory may very well be physically located in one of our warehouses or in a logistics facility around the world. In some cases, it might even still be installed in a hospital or clinic waiting for its removal date. It simply doesn't make good logistical sense for every single system we deal with to actually come to Block Imaging headquarters in Holt, Michigan.

None of this is to say that Block Imaging never acts as a broker, but while we don't own every system you see presented, we also commit to being candid about what we own and what we are marketing on another's behalf.

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The Takeaway

In the end, it all comes down to transparency. Working with an equipment provider you trust- someone who will give clear answers and open communication about a system's condition, location, and ownership- is every bit as important as choosing the best equipment.

We would love to have you come see how we do things for yourself. You can visit our operations, meet our team and see a cross-section of our inventory at our headquarters facility in Holt, Michigan. Please let us know if we can arrange a time for you to come see what we're all about! And if Michigan is a little further than you can travel right now, you can take a video tour of Block Imaging.