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AGFA DRYSTAR AXYS Wins Best in Class Dry Imager Award

Posted by Darrin Dodge

Dec 16, 2011 4:48:00 PM

:: 1 minute read ::

Agfa DRYSTAR Axys ImagerAGFA’s DRYSTAR AXYS has had our attention for a few years now and not only do I often refer it as the best "One Size Fits Most Dry Imager Solution" but, even more importantly, we’ve experienced positive feedback from every single customer. There are numerous competitive advantages of the AGFA AXYS which earn this table-top Imager the official “BEST IN CLASS Dry Imager Award" by Block Imaging’s “Imaging Solutions” Team.

After selling a few of the major manufacturer’s Imagers since 2005 along with MRI, CT scanners, etc., I wanted to share a little more technical data with you from my own research and experiences.

Here are a few reasons why the AXYS was chosen for this award:

AXYS Features


AXYS Benefits

Decentralized or Centralized – Mid to High Throughput


Position imager for optimum department efficiency – maximize patient throughput

Low Price


Low investment cost compared to features & benefits of Imagers selling for 2x the price of the AXYS

Supports 4 Standard Media Sizes (Any 2 Online)


Reduced media costs with optimum size improving department efficiency 

(8”x10” through 14”x17”)   (FFDM 8”x10”, 10”x12”)


Improved productivity – increased department revenue – ideal for CR, DR, CT, MRI, FFDM and Mobile Vans 

High Productivity


Produces 5 sheets faster than competitive imagers with theoretical “throughput of up To 180 – 200 sheets/hr”

Smart Modular Design


Improved up-time

Limited Number of Parts (19) / Self Diagnosis


Reduced service costs

Entire Service Kit is a Philips Screwdriver


Reduced service training requirements

72 Gbyte Hard Drive


No delays in image acquisition / Image spooling

True Resident DICOM


Improved real throughput / Limited to 255 separate DICOM connections / No translation or proprietary language

Table Top Design


Ease of installation / Siting / Requires limited space / optional Drystar Smart Cart


Disclaimer - I am not an engineer, and yet, I have been on the buying/selling side and found myself surprised by the added costs when installing a particular manufacturer’s (not AGFA) Imager. Some of the additional costs to enable certain functions frankly seemed “nickel and diming” and I did not think it right for customers to have to spend additional money for drawers that didn’t work with this or that media size, etc… so a lot of this information is first-hand, rubber hits-the-road kind of information.  I hope you find it helpful.

Happy Dry Imager Shopping!

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Written by Darrin Dodge

author of blog post

Topics: Buying Imaging Equipment, Imaging Equipment Solutions

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