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Medical Equipment Logistics: Working with an Expert Project Manager

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Medical equipment logistics and transport is not an area you want to gloss over during an important imaging equipment acquisition. You have a business to run, people to manage, budgets to monitor, and a task list a mile long. When it is time to add cost effective imaging equipment to your facility, does part of you dread the hassle? While there will certainly be items for you to take care of internally, you should be able to rely upon your equipment provider to make setting up your “new” system easy for you. However, there are many equipment providers who do not have expert project managers to help ensure the transaction is executed painlessly. 

Save precious time and energy by making sure you are working with an expert medical equipment project manager! Here are 5 reasons why...

1. Expert Project Managers Understand Your Site and Schedule

Once the agreement is reached, your equipment provider should ask you several questions about your site to ensure there are no hiccups regarding the delivery and set up of your OEC C-Arm or Siemens PET/CT as an example. It would be really frustrating to have required certain delivery time only to find out the shipper could not make delivery because someone assumed a loading dock was available, a large semi-truck would fit in your parking lot or they tried to deliver on Thursday afternoon (but didn’t know the office closed at noon). If they don’t clarify details about your site and schedule, ask them how they intend to deliver... What are the specifics?

2. Expert Project Managers Plan the Project with You

Prior to delivery, there are other important details to be arranged. For instance, with C-Arm installations the connection to the facility network is a primary source for installation problems. Be sure your IT person or PACS administrator is available at install time to work with the engineer on this interface. You may also want to have your physicist on site at install to sign off on the calibrations. Your equipment provider should be talking with you about these items. If not, consider yourself informed! 

For more complex equipment installations like Symphony MRI, Cardiac CT, and Interventional labs, your equipment provider should be involved early in the planning stage and throughout the project. Do they understand your construction schedule and desired first scan date? Have they provided room planning guides, customized equipment drawings for your space, offered advice on how to save money on the room layout, recommended a shielding contractor, and made site visits to clarify the details of the infrastructure requirements before construction/ renovation gets too far along? Don’t get caught paying expensive fees for delays due to infrastructure coordination issues.

3. Expert Project Managers Know Your Equipment

Does your equipment provider really know the system being provided to you? Were they involved in the system inspection, deinstallation, packing and transport from the origin facility? I’m sure you can imagine the many opportunities for your equipment to encounter problems when so many hands are involved in acquiring the equipment prior to selling it to you. Be sure to ask questions and obtain as much detail as possible about your system, especially if system reconditioning, installation, and/or warranty are not part of your agreement.

4. Expert Project Managers Understand International Logistics

Does your equipment purchase include international shipping? You might be surprised to know how much is involved in getting a highly sensitive and expensive piece of medical imaging equipment safely shipped half way around the world. Import/ export laws, air, ocean and ground shipping details, crating and packaging, and FDA installation forms are just a sample of the many hoops to be jumped through. Oh the paperwork! There are many ways to make international transport very difficult and expensive. Unless you have lots of experience doing this yourself, please be sure your equipment provider is one who works with international shipping every day.

5. Expert Project Managers Are Supported by a World-Class Parts and Service Team

Does your equipment provider support their equipment with parts and service? Is your system covered by a plan that will minimize your downtime? These are important questions to ask that can save you serious time, money and energy spent on working with an inexperienced vendor who may leave you in the lurch after the sale.

The Project Management Team at Block Imaging International, Inc. is ready to help. You can be confident that your equipment purchase will be easy when you let us handle the logistics.

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