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OEC C-Arms: Not all Refurbished C-Arms Are Created Equal

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If you are considering buying a secondary market OEC C-Arm, the first thing you probably notice are the many companies marketing "Refurbished C-arms"... but you'll be interested to learn that not all C-arm refurbishment processes are created equal! Each company’s refurbishment process varies.  Block Imaging's refurbished C-arms all go through the same rigorous process you can see detailed below...

Evaluate C-Arm: examine C-Arm functioning and identify components needing repair or replacement

This involves an initial evaluation report including Piranha data report (examines quality of radiation); confirm tube, image intensifier and image save functionality; and general performance, ABS, tube performance and resolution testing.

Decontaminate: remove biohazards

Block Imaging performs internal and external cleaning plus dust removal; and fully decontaminates the C-Arm including deleting patient data for HIPAA Compliance.

Cosmetic Reconditioning: restore original body

This phase involves restoring the C-Arm to its original state.  Covers are prepped for paint — dents and scratches removed, C-arm is completely repainted including foot switch, and new decals, key pad overlays and logos are placed.

Component Replacement: repair or replace damaged components

What is most important to note is that NEW monitors and batteries are installed.  Plus damaged high voltage cable, brake pads, foam seals, switches, connectors, breakers, fuses and/or wheels are replaced.

Calibration: ensure C-Arm is performing optimally

Block Imaging makes sure the C-Arm is performing optimally by completing a thorough technical calibration including dose adjustment. Then beam alignment, vertical column, power supply, steering, locks, handles, collimator, battery charger, video system and C-arm bearings are repaired and/or adjusted.

C-Arm Refurbishment by Block Imaging


This process is our full C-arm refurbishment package. Please let us know if you'd like to learn more about how we turn used C-arms into refurbished C-arms, or if you'd like to request a quote for your next OEC C-Arm purchase... we'd be happy to help!

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