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3 Basic Tips For Ordering Medical Imaging Parts

Posted by Aly Boggs-Smitley

Mar 10, 2020 10:30:00 AM

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Philips-TF-Big-Bore-PET-CT-PartsYou think to yourself, "Today's going to be a good day". Your biomed ordered the part they needed to fix your mammography system, it arrived bright and early, and you figure everything will be repaired by noon and you'll still have a chance of catching the matinee of that new Marvel movie (no shame- we watch 'em too).

As you approach the mammo unit, you smile at the techs. You pat your biomed on the back. But wait, the part they're holding looks a little different than the one inside the machine. Uh oh. As all of the heat in your body rises to your face, you realize this is not the correct part at all. How did this happen, and how can you make sure it won't happen again?

We hate to see delays in system repairs almost as much as you do. To minimize ordering mistakes and maximize the chances of getting the absolutely correct part, here are a few basic tips to keep in mind when you contact a vendor for medical imaging parts.

1. Double Check Your Part Number

Every medical equipment part is given a part number by the manufacturer. This number is critical in getting you exactly what you need and can usually be found right on the part itself.

Some parts can be identified by a basic description, but a part number is by far the best way to make sure you get what you really need. Even if the part number is old or obsolete we may still be able to work with it. If you have taken the time to diagnose where the problem is coming from, be sure to grab the manufacturer’s part number. It'll make things easier and more accurate for everyone.

2. Have a Detailed Description

If you don’t have a part number (and even if you do), it's still important to give a detailed description of the part you're seeking. Please include the make and model of the equipment it is from as well as where it is located within the unit. Other details that may be helpful include: What is it connected to? What size is it? Is it from the left or right side of the system?

TIP: Have a Smart Phone or camera? Take a quick picture and send it in an email to parts@blockimaging.com.

3. Book Installation

You took down the correct part number, you provided a detailed description, but now who's going to put it all together for you? Check with your parts provider. They may have a team of field engineers who can help.

Block Imaging, and some other reputable leaders in the parts world, would love to include installation in your parts quote. Let us know. In most cases, it can be done the next day.

BONUS TIP: Choose Your Time Frame

Providers in the parts industry know the importance of getting a replacement part to you ASAP. Many even offer flexible shipping options to help meet your level of urgency. We can't speak for everyone, but our team, example, can get a part to you as early as 8:00 AM the next morning or, in some cases, even the same day.  

Your parts provider (we'd love the honor of that title) wants you to get the right part, at the right time, every time. Use these tips with whatever parts provider you choose for the best shot at fast and accurate parts ordering and delivery.

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Written by Aly Boggs-Smitley

author of blog post

Aly Boggs-Smitley is a Customer Service Representative with the Block Imaging Parts Team. When your system needs replacement parts, it’s her pleasure to respond to your need with speed and clarity. If you don’t find Aly at her desk, you can find her reading crime dramas, doing yoga, or singing loudly in the car with her daughter.

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