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Customer Feedback Surveys… Should We Take the Time to Fill Them Out?

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customer feedback surveyEveryone has gotten an email survey, or phone survey at least once, right? You answer the phone only to hear, “Ms. Payne we are not trying to sell you anything we just need a few minutes of your time to answer these few short questions concerning…” Or perhaps you receive the email message that promises that the survey will only take you 2 minutes to complete.

Personal Account of the "Never Ending Survey"

I recently received a survey from a company that for the purposes of this blog we will call “Never Ending Survey”. “Never Ending Survey” emailed me and asked me to take a short online survey after using their services. Keyword here being short. That caught my attention and interest, because I figured it wouldn’t take too much of my time.

As I eagerly started the survey, so excited to help out another small business, my excitement slowly started to decline with each section that I completed. Yes, that’s right I said "section".

This survey was so long I thought it would never end, thus the fictious name, “Never Ending Survey”. I wanted so badly to quit the survey, but I was determined to finish it. Because it was taking so long I noticed that my answers became shorter and I starting clicking the “fair” button every time just to get the survey over. Needless to say, I completed the survey but was a bit frustrated at how long it took, especially since it advertised that it was a short survey.

Your Time is Valuable

I am sure that you can relate to this story. Your time is valuable and these days it seems like everyone is fighting for a piece of it. Block Imaging sends out surveys and they are really important to us, so why was I so frustrated with filling this one out when we are asking our customers to do the same thing? In hindsight it really didn’t take all that much of my time, maybe 5-8 minutes? Now as I think about it, I am wishing I would have answered a little more deliberately.

So the question is... “Should we take the time to fill out surveys?”

Your Feedback is Invaluable

I have come to the conclusion that…Yes, we should fill out surveys! And for these very reasons:

  1. How many times have you complained to someone about a case of poor service? I am thinking that the 15-30 minutes of complaining can be constructively put into a survey answer. Taking the survey will allow you to voice your disappointment directly to the company. The person you were complaining to will thank you!
  2. If the company was exceptional in their service they need to know this too. This might mean a raise or promotion for someone in that company. What an awesome feeling to think that your response could have an impact on helping a company or individual succeed. 
  3. If you like the company and want to keep working with them, but there is one little aspect of service that bugs you…let them know in the survey. Then you may start seeing improvements in the service you receive.
  4. We don’t know what we don’t know! So basically, if we aren’t sharing the good, the bad and the ugly then how do we expect our service providers to ever get better?

Really, how much time does filling one of these out take? Not much when you really think about it... on average maybe 5-7 minutes. I know that your time is valuable and so is the feedback that you can offer. So, next time a survey pops up in your email box please don’t delete it or rush through it clicking the same button over and over. I say give it a try and let your voice be heard, it could be a huge benefit to everyone involved.

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