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3 Flexible Medical Equipment Service Plans for MRI, CT, X-Ray, & More

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From where to have lunch to when to retire, life is filled with decisions that require careful consideration. Not the least of these is how to protect your CT, MRI, X-ray, or other medical imaging equipment with service and maintenance coverage.

No two imaging facilities are exactly alike, and that's why there is some flexibility among the plans you'll find on the service market. To help reduce your legwork as you enter the service market, we'll cover here three common imaging equipment service plans offered by service providers.

3 Common Service Plans for Imaging Equipment

Full Service Agreement

If this were a hamburger, they’d probably call it “The Works”. All of the parts and labor needed to keep your system up and running are covered under this type of agreement- even if the cost of parts and labor exceed your payment.

A note of caution though- Some providers charge for overtime if you place a service call that requires their engineer to come onsite outside of standard business hours.

Look for a provider that offers after-hours coverage. You’ll sleep better knowing that you won’t be paying extra on your monthly invoice for the work our personnel may have done at 8PM.

PM-Only Agreement

If you have a greater appetite for risk, a little less latitude in your budget than you'd prefer, or both, a PM-only agreement might be a good solution for you. This agreement covers the cost of routine preventative maintenance visits, but spreads that cost across your agreement term. Repairs and parts are billed separately, but your regular visits offer the chance to get preemptive diagnoses of parts that may be nearing failure. This information can help you prepare and budget for replacements before they put your system out of commission.

We've found that PM-only agreements can work well for low-volume facilities or for smaller modalities like X-ray or DEXA.

Time and Materials

This type of service carries the greatest risk, as all costs related to your system's maintenance and repair are your responsibility. The upside is that no costs are billed to you until you actually use an engineer's time or use repair materials provided by your service group (hence the name).  

While using time and materials service for your equipment doesn't require you to sign up for anything, it is a good idea to contact a provider in advance and establish a profile for your site in their records. This helps speed up dispatch and smooths the process of invoicing and remitting.

The Takeaway

Whether you’re purchasing service for your MRI or your ultrasound, make sure you’ve spent the time to read the provider’s contract thoroughly. Many service companies have hidden fees and exclusions to service that can leave you footing unexpected bills. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to know that your service company is not only there to take calls, but to help your business succeed!

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