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3 Flexible Medical Equipment Service Plans for MRI, CT, X-ray and...

Posted by Simeon Lowe

Oct 17, 2011 4:20:00 PM

medical equipment service“What kind of car should I buy?”  “Did this movie get good reviews?”  “Which investment will produce the highest yield?”

With so many decisions to make in life, doing the homework to find out which option is right for you can be a headache. Choosing the best service contract for your imaging equipment is no different.

From massive health systems to private practice orthopedic clinics, there is an array of different service needs that are unique to each facility.

To help reduce your homework, here are the three most common service plans offered in the medical market today...

1)    Full Service Contract

If this were a hamburger, they’d probably call it “The Works”.  All of the parts and labor needed to keep your system up and running would be covered under this contract.

Watch out though... Many providers will try to charge you for overtime if you place a service call that requires the engineer to come onsite outside of standard business hours or on holidays.

Fortunately, our Flex Service Plan comes with 24/7 coverage. You’ll sleep better knowing that you won’t be paying extra on your monthly invoice for the work we did over Labor Day weekend to get your system back up and running!


2)     Shared Risk Contract

Everyone likes to save money right? If you don’t, then this probably isn’t the plan for you.  Shared risk service plans aren’t offered through every provider, but are becoming more common.

Here’s how it works: You pay an upfront cost at the start of your service term, generally around 20-30% of what a full service agreement would cost. You would also have a deductible for all of the repairs until the end of the term. Throughout the year, our team works with your facility to manage service calls, order needed parts and dispatch engineers while at the same time keeping costs low. Rest assured that if a major disaster strikes, your unit will be covered and whatever money isn’t spent over the service contract term is yours to keep!


3)    Parts-Only Contract

Do you have an in-house or local engineering group that you prefer to perform the labor portion of repairs on your imaging equipment?  This is where parts-only warranties can come in handy.

At Block Imaging Parts and Service we can help create a custom parts-only contract that caters to your specific needs through including or excluding coverage on detectors, tubes, etc. Parts-only contracts are generally a fraction of the cost, but make sure your provider details the time-frame by which parts are guaranteed to be shipped.


Whether you’re purchasing a service contract on your MRI or Ultrasound make sure you’ve spent the time to read the provider’s contract thoroughly. Many service companies will have hidden fees and exclusions to service that can leave you footing unexpected bills. 

At the end of the day, it’s important to know that your service company is not only there to take calls, but to help your business succeed!





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