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What is an R/F Room and How Much Do They Cost?

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If you are wondering, "What is an R/F room exactly?" you should check out the following video where I explain in less than 1 minute what an R/F room is (radiography/fluoroscopy) and the advantages it offers for capturing images in both horizontal and vertical formats.

What is an R/F room?

Without a doubt the R/F room is the workhorse of the imaging line.  The changes to this modality over the last decade have been minimal though its versatility still brings tremendous value to imaging departments and free standing imaging centers.

Besides acquiring static images on the X-ray (Radiographic) side, the most common studies performed on the fluoroscopy side are Gastrointestinal Tract Investigations, PICC line and feeding tube placement as well as arthograms.

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How much does an R/F room cost?

The savings for refurbished R/F rooms is significant.  The market price range for a refurbished GE Legacy, GE 500D, Philips Easy Diagnost, Philips Eleva and Siemens Sireskop SD R/F room today is from $105,000 - $185,000 (installed with a 1-year Parts and Labor Warranty) compared to $195,000 - $325,000 for a brand new system. 

Whether you are looking for an R/F Room, C-Arm (Fluoroscope), X-ray system, Multi-purpose Room or even Interventional Suite, we are here to serve.

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