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MIPPA/CMS Equipment Accreditation Adds New Grace Period for Purchases

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mippa accreditation deadlineThe CMS MEMO: Advanced Diagnostic Imaging (ADI) Accreditation Policy: PROVISIONAL ACCREDITATION STATUS creates a grace period clause for new purchases that the 2008 MIPPA Act (scheduled to go into effect January 1, 2012) did not.

This is good news for those of us who provide equipment. The industry should not grind to a halt on January 1st.  And this is great news for you as a provider. You can continue to replace equipment and still get paid.

The one caveat that the CMS memo does not seem to extend the same grace period to are brand new facilities coming into the market that aren't already accredited. To that point, it seems that the barrier to entry into the world of Advanced Diagnostic Imaging has been raised.

I would like to thank my friend Scott Pohlkamp from National Diagnostic Imaging teleradiology for bringing this to my attention so we could share share it as an update to our earlier post about the MIPPA Accreditation Deadline Looming. You should also check out this video that explains the most important highlights of MIPPA accreditation requirements.


Though the threat of non-payment to recently purchased, yet to be accredited, equipment come January 1 has subsided... the 4th quarter is still the best time to buy because Section 179 tax deductions for 2011 will save you considerably more than postponing a purchase until 2012. 

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