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How Much Does a C-Arm Rental Cost?

How Much Does a C-Arm Rental Cost?

An interim C-arm rental can make good sense in a lot of different scenarios. Most often, when people talk to us about a rental, one of the following is true:

You need to test your market to know if buying a C-arm will be a good investment for you.

Your current C-arm is down for repair and you don't expect it back up anytime soon.

You are running a training/continuing education course and need C-arms to demonstrate procedures. 

You are working to pare down a backlog of patients.

You have money in the operating budget, but not so much in the capital budget.

Whatever the reason, consider the following costs to make your C-arm rental work for you.

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Length of Term vs Cost

As a general rule: the shorter the term, the higher the cost. This is because, regardless of the length of term, the same amount of work goes into arranging logistics (setup, shipping, testing, etc.). With a shorter term, these logistical costs are not spread out over time. For example, a site renting an OEC 9800 is likely to pay close to $2,900 per month for a 3-month rental. For a rental term like 12 months, they would pay a significantly lower monthly rate somewhere around $2,500.

Average C-arm Rental Costs

Here are average price ranges for a few of the most commonly rented C-arm models.

  • OEC 6800: $1,800 - $2,200
  • OEC 9600: $2,000 - $2,500
  • OEC 9800: $2,500 - $2,900
  • OEC 9900: $3,000 - $3,900

Keep in mind that C-arm rentals are designed to meet a specific need like the ones listed above. If you need a long term solution, we strongly recommend you consider a C-arm lease or an outright purchase

Additional Rental Costs

In most cases there are a few additional costs beyond the use of the C-arm to consider. Almost every rental quote will also have some form of these fees:

• Accessories - lead vests, injectors, or C-arm tables can all be rented at an additional cost.

• Security deposit - this is refundable if the unit returns in the same condition it was provided.

• Transportation - these fees cover delivery and, if you need your rental quickly, expediting.

• Installation - this covers an engineer to set up the C-arm and collect it at the end of the rental term.

Make certain when comparing quotes to observe these add-on fees. Depending on the length of term, the fees will often be embedded into the monthly rental fee, but the quote should always note if these are additional or included.

If you would like more information and are ready to move forward with your C-arm rental request, please use our easy C-Arm Rental Request Form. We look forward to helping with your next rental solution very soon!

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