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Your Used Hologic or GE Lunar Bone Densitometer is Worth...

Posted by Jason Block

Jun 15, 2017 12:30:00 PM

DEXA Value.jpgWhen it comes to women’s health and bone densitometers, GE and Hologic are without a doubt the dominant players. If you have one in your facility and are looking to upgrade, there may be a significant chunk of cash value in it- or at least a chance to have it removed at no cost.

These opportunities are why we've put together a video guide to help you learn what your used bone densitometer model is typically worth in today's secondary market. After the video, read on for some selling tips that can help you maximize your system's value when you're ready to sell.

Used Hologic and GE DEXA System Values

The value ranges you'll see are based on make, model, date of manufacture, and condition. It's also assumed the following are included: workstation, accessories, phantoms, backup software disks, and manuals.

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What can I do to get the most value for my system?

If you're approaching a selling decision in the near future, keep the following in mind to increase your chances of getting a strong offer from buyers:

  • Make sure to have all manuals and backup disks available
  • Round up all accessories, phantoms, and positioners
  • Have a copy of a “passed” QC/QA report on hand
  • Make sure the equipment is clean and includes the table pad

The Takeaway

Whether these numbers surprised you, or fell just about where you expected, there's a possibility that there's some money in your DEXA, or at least that you won't have to pay to get it off your hands. If you have bone densitometer questions about buying, selling, service, spare parts needs, or getting a market value, we’re here to help.

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Written by Jason Block


Jason Block is the Product Manager for Women’s Health Equipment at Block Imaging. Helping to match customer’s needs with equipment solutions is energizing for him. When Jason is not working, he enjoys coaching his kids’ sports, working out, and playing handball. 


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