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Mini C-Arm vs Full Size C-Arm vs Compact C-Arm

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Beyond the obvious difference in size, there are several other key differences between mini C-arm, full size C-arm, and compact C-arm systems. Just like Goldilocks' three bears and their beds, chairs, and porridge, there is a C-arm that's just right for everyone.

Below we'll share the differences and advantages of each C-arm type. We've also listed out some of the most popular C-arm machine options from top manufacturers for each category.

Mini, Full-Size, & Compact C-Arms Compared

Mini C-Arm


A mini C-arm is designed to scan patient extremities. The C-arm has a much smaller arc and lower generator power capacity, making it suitable for hands, feet, wrists, and elbows. A few models are even capable of some limited shoulder scans.

  • OEC -  6600, 6800
  • Fluoroscan - Insight II, Insight FD, Insight Flex
  • Orthoscan - HD1000, FD, FD Pulse

Full Size C-Arm



Full-size C-arms are designed to accommodate any and all C-arm procedures. They have the largest arc to fit patients and surgical tables inside, the highest generator output to scan through the thickest parts of the body, and the most software options to fit the needs of any specialty.

  • OEC - 9600, 8800, 9800 and 9900, Elite CFD
  • Siemens - Orbic, Iso-C 3D, Varic, Avantic, Cios Alpha
  • Philips - Pulsera,
  • Ziehm - Vision, Vision R, Vision RFD, Vision 2
  • Genoray - Zen 7000, Oscar Prime

Compact C-Arm


Compact C-arms constitute a middle ground between mini and full-size C-arms. Size, power, software applications: they do more than a mini can, but less than a full-size can. Compact C-arms are excellent for facilities with space constraints, low-mid patient volume, and light surgical use. They don't pack enough punch for high volume, bariatrics, or lateral spine studies.

  • OEC - 7900, OEC One
  • Siemens - Compact L and Siremobile Compact
  • Ziehm - Quantum, Solo, Solo FD

The Takeaway

Choosing a C-arm is all about matching the tool to the task. Take stock of the procedures you plan to perform most often, and use the result to help guide your search. If space is still a concern for you, reach out to us. We've worked with facilities to fit full-size C-arms into rooms as small as 10x12. We're happy to get creative on helping you find a solution too!

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