PET/CT Price Guide

Typical price ranges on PET/CT scanners with installation and one-year warranty included.


16-slice and Below

$225k - $295k

GE Discovery LS and ST

Philips Gemini TF 16

Siemens Biograph 6 and 16


16 to 64-Slice Scanners

$350k - $475k

GE Discovery STE and VCT

Philips TF 64

Siemens TruePoint

Siemens Biograph 40 and 64


64-Slice+, Feature-Rich

$450k - $750k

GE Discovery 610 and 710

Siemens mCT

Siemens Biograph Horizon


Which Tier Is Right for You?

Selecting the best PET/CT is a process that looks different for every facility. Goals, volume, budgets- all the details play a part. Watch this video for a quick breakdown of which pricing tier (Entry Level, Intermediate, or Premium/Advanced) might offer the capabilities and value you're looking for.



Average Cost for Refurbished PET/CT

PET/CT from GE, Philips, & Siemens

As you consider the figures above, remember that prices vary across several factors:

• System and/or component age

• CT slice count

• Which software features are enabled

Once you have basic expectations for what your costs might be, you can learn about the rest of your equipment project with our free PET/CT Buyer's Guide. And, as always, if you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

Philips Gemini 64 TF


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