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How to Turn Your Analog X-ray Equipment into a Digital X-ray System

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turn analog x ray into digital x ray systemComputed Radiography (CR) is a way to scan your patients with your current analog X-ray system and also get all the benefits of having the image in a digital format.

If I had a nickel for every time I answered the question, "What is Computed Radiography (CR)?"... I’d probably have $4.60!

So if you are asking that same question, "Josh, what is CR exactly?" the following video was made just for you. It is a quick and simple explanation for those of us who’ve heard the handful of acronyms in radiography (CR, DR, X-ray, R/F, PACS) but never really had a grasp of what each piece of equipment does. Check it out...


Feel free to send us your Radiolography questions... we’d love to assist in getting you the answer.  Also, if you’ve had a particularly good or bad experience with a CR system (high volume or low), we’d love to hear as well!


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