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Your OEC C-Arm Laser Aimer Probably Isn't Broken

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"I'm going to let you in on a secret most imaging parts companies won't tell you: Your OEC C-arm laser aimer probably isn't broken!"

I first wrote these words almost seven years ago, and they're still true. Your laser aimer probably still works, and, unfortunately, your parts provider might sell you a new one without asking any questions, specifically one question that helps solve 75% of all laser aimer problems without repair or replacement: "Did you check the batteries?".

75% of "broken" OEC laser aimers only need one "fix": batteries.

That's right. There are three double-A batteries in your laser aimer, and, if you can change the batteries in your six-year-old's toys, you can save your facility a few thousand dollars on a laser aimer.

Come to think of it, a six-year-old can probably fix your laser aiming device! To prove that point, I recruited the help of my daughter. Watch as Madeline, who was six when we first addressed this topic, now thirteen (gosh, time flies), fixes an OEC C-arm laser aimer!

What if it's not the batteries?

Hopefully Block Imaging has helped you be the hero, and a quick, five-dollar battery swap will solve your problem. If, however, your OEC laser aimer is truly broken and requires replacement, we can help with aimers from our extensive C-arm parts inventory too. On top of that, aimers bought on exchange can save you significant dollars on your replacement! 

After you check your batteries, you can use the links below to get a quote and place an order.

P/N 00-878150: 9-Inch Laser Aimer for OEC C-Arm

P/N 00-879195-15: 12 Inch Laser Aimer for OEC C-Arm