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NEW vs. USED... 10 Reasons to Buy New Medical Imaging Equipment

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Boy how the world of medical imaging equipment has changed over the last 10 years!  In 2002, reimbursements were high, free standing imaging centers were booming and the margin generated within hospital radiology departments was second to none. The thought back then was... Refurbished equipment, really? 

Fast forward to today.

There are a handful of vetted and reputable third party refurbishing companies within each modality and all of the major OEMs are pushing refurbished equipment on a daily basis. 

The following is a list of 10 reasons why NEW used to be the answer and how many are still in play today...

10 OLD Reasons to Buy NEW:

  1. Software Revisions:  If you signed up for a long term service contract you would usually get these upgrades for FREE.

  2. Latest and Greatest Technology: Everyone loves the new car smell… even if it makes no “scents” (pun very much intended).

  3. Parts Accessibility: The OEM usually had a nice supply of brand new spare parts ready to ship on a moment’s notice – and could, in some sense, force upgrades based on “end of life” determinations.

  4. Warranty: The one year warranty was built in at NO ADDITIONAL COST.

  5. Security: Buying brand new just gave a greater level of confidence and no one wants to make a buying mistake… do they?

  6. Financing In-House: The OEM captive finance company always has money to loan and makes it easy to buy and finance.

  7. Trade-Ins: The OEM would generally take your old machine and give you something for it.

  8. Applications Training: 2 or 3 days of Apps training always was included in the purchase price.

  9. Uptime: New equipment would provide better uptime and provide reliable service much longer.

  10. Reliability: Buying from a well known, well established OEM was much safer than taking a chance on a no name company selling used machines

My how the world has changed. 

With parts in stock, extended warranties, commitments to meet OEM specifications, creative financing, strong trade-in allowances, applications training... the only piece that remains is software revisions (often which are only being developed on the latest and greatest to deal with any bugs in the early stages). 

As the world continues to change and you try to balance economic and clinical needs, we’re here to help.