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How Much is My MRI Machine Worth? It’s Easier to Figure Out Than You Think

Posted by Steve Rentz

Sep 20, 2011 8:44:00 AM

Have you found yourself asking “How much is my MRI machine worth?” lately?

How_much_is_my_mri_worthIn today’s secondary market, Imaging equipment in general and MRI Machines specifically can range wildly in value.  If you have a system for sale, or are considering upgrading in the next 3-6 months,  you owe it to yourself to get a “read” on today’s market value.

This is a simple process and if you have the right information at hand there are free market valuation resources out there (Block Imaging is one) that can value your system quickly, accurately, and at no charge.

What Drives Value for MRI?

1.   Know when it was manufactured

Keep in mind, it’s a global marketplace – older systems that might not be interesting to  buyers in the USA or Europe can and do have value elsewhere, but the year of manufacture DOES make a difference.   If you are asking for a value for your equipment, please know the year it was manufactured (not just the year of installation or the year you bought it).  If you can’t find the original quotation from the manufacturer, you can usually get this information right off the back of the gantry or if you’re adventuresome and want to remove the cover (have someone help you), it is stamped right on the magnet itself.  And while you’re under the hood, you may as well check the age of the coldhead. 

2.   How powerful is it?... the thinner the slices, the better the prices!

In the USA and other developed countries, there is always competition up the street and marketing can make a difference.  Having said that, from a “magnet” perspective, 1.5 Tesla is still king and 1.5T MRI’s constitute the vast majority of all pre-owned MRI machines sold worldwide.  The difference maker from a power standpoint is the gradients.  Know your gradient amplitude (in mT/m) and the slew rate (in mT/m/ms).   Buzzwords like “Echospeed” (GE), “Quantum” (Siemens), and “Nova” (Philips) are difference makers, so be sure to include them as well.

3.   What Coils are included?... list them all

Got some MRI coils that are outside the standard set?  Breast, Cardiac, Angio, and Neurovascular can make a difference to potential buyers and can enhance the value of your system.  Don’t just list the coils from the invoice or original quote – it is recommended that you do a physical check or verify with the MRI Tech to make sure the list is 100% accurate.  It saves headaches later if an inspection identifies missing or broken coils.  If you have 8 channel coils (or greater) please note that. 

4.   Computers and Software... What’s on the Desk and what’s on the Disk

Current System Operating Software not only brings you a higher selling price but it saves the potential buyer LOTS of money in upgrade cost.  It also confirms that the system is, well… current.  If you don’t know this off-hand it will typically show up at boot-up.  While you’re in there, click on the “options” tab and list all the current enabled software options.  Buzzwords like “EXCITE” (GE), “TIM” (Siemens), and “Achieva” (Philips) all make a difference in value and should be listed as well.  Don’t forget to list processing workstations like AWW or Leonardo if you are including them.

That’s it!  That’s enough information to get a great read on the market value of your system and answer the question How Much is My MRI Worth?.  If you have a Smartphone and can snap a few pictures, it's icing on the cake!

So all the best with your project, and at the end of the day, remember this:

No one who plays daily in the secondary market lives in a vacuum.  In today’s flat world, no one “steals” anything, information flows freely, and it’s a relatively small community.  If you’re dealing with a reputable company you can usually assume the values you’re getting are in line with the market.  You might be pleasantly surprised, but don’t be offended either if the number is lower than you were expecting – a LOT of added costs happen once the deinstallation begins.  Therefore, be SURE to note anything complicated about the exit pathway so that the number can be as accurate as possible.

If you're interested in answering the question "How Much is My MRI Worth?", feel free to submit your request for a free market valuation... We'd be glad to help! 

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Written by Steve Rentz 


Steve Rentz is the Product Manager for MRI Scanners at Block Imaging. He is also a husband, father of 3, triathlete, woodworker, and barbecue master. Steve’s goal is to earn each customer’s trust and business by specifically addressing the needs of their unique project.


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