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Before Trading In Your CT Scanner

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Many hospitals and clinics are in an equipment cycle they've been caught in for years: buy a new system, run it for five years, trade it in (along with a hefty stack of cash) for another new system, start the five-year counter over again. This cycle is common, but many facilities never stop to ask if it's as cost-effective as it seems. Does a trade-in actually get you the best value for a used CT with plenty of useful years left?

Before you trade in your CT scanner out of habit, find out what it’s really worth!

Should You Trade in Your CT?

What is the Upgrade Going to Cost You?

You want to stay on the cutting edge of technology, but your budget is as cutting edge as last year’s mower blades. By doing your homework, you can claim dollars you may have otherwise left on the table. It’s a big world and there are countries with limited resources that can pay real money for it. That money can be applied to your next acquisition.

Don’t Trade-in. Sell! 

Trading-in is easy but not always wise. Before the “T” word is even uttered, let your vendor know you'd rather sell.

Talk New First

By taking your current system off the table, for now, and talking only “new”, you force the seller to carve out the very best deal on the new system without muddying the waters with net values. With the OEMs fighting for every deal and competition for market share at an all-time high, there is no reason not to get a super deal for that new system.

If the equipment vendor already has their foot in the door with you (by having other modalities in your building), understand that they may not be as motivated to work with you, assuming you have no choice. Keep your options open and don’t let on, even if you have already eliminated a vendor or two. The longer you can keep them guessing, the better chance you have for making a super deal. And remember: service can be gotten elsewhere, as can financing, so you really are beholden to no one.

Talk Sell Second

In the event that you decide to sell, ask the salesperson to give you their very best price to buy your used system. It’s okay to let the salesperson know you are going to do some price shopping for your current machine. After all, you are just trying to be a good steward of your imaging dollars.

Compare Apples to Apples

Never before have you, the consumer, had so many options. Take full advantage of this by comparing pricing and features for the manufacturer’s new systems. Next, contact some of the trusted independent imaging equipment buyers to see what offers you can garner for your used system. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that the offers you receive on the secondary market are considerably higher than the manufacturer’s trade-in values. And they can even have your old system professionally removed for you prior to your new system arriving.

Following the above simple steps should help make your upgrade decision much easier and ensures that you get the most bang for your buck!

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