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Is Pride Affecting the Way I Work with Others in the Refurbished Imaging World?

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Last week, following a speaking engagement in Indianapolis, I had the opportunity to have a spur of the moment lunch with what I would consider an industry legend

pride is not the road to progressIn the course of conversation, we discussed a myriad of topics in the world of Imaging, but it was one specific exchange that left me pondering.  Though I imagine he thought little about how much his words were sinking in, the general exchange was regarding how “pride” and “competition” negatively affect the decisions we make.  The insinuation was that opportunities to work together on mutually beneficial endeavors are often missed because of pride. 


So my initial thoughts quickly ricocheted from “I wonder what companies he’s speaking about?”… to “I wonder in what ways our company does this?”… to “I wonder in what ways I do this?”

So long after our lunch was over, I continued to ponder the following:

  1. How many opportunities to win together are falling through the cracks because of my desire to win individually?
  2. What partnerships or strategies aren’t discussed because of an area of competitive overlap, regardless of how small?
  3. What new and fresh strategies would be unearthed if I engaged the conversation with more humility? 
  4. Who is one person, department or organization that, if I set my pride aside, we could accomplish something better together? 

I look forward to hearing if this resonates with you today and perhaps even discuss ways to work together tomorrow, that we wouldn’t have yesterday… and I’ll do my best to not let my pride get in the way. Imaging Team Partnership Opportunities

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