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5 Benefits of Tomosynthesis 3D Digital Mammography Technology

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A little over a decade ago, Hologic received FDA approval for their breast tomosynthesis system, Selenia Dimensions. They boasted, “It is like no other breast imaging platform on the market.” At the time, most of the imaging field agreed, we at Block included. Now, in the wake of Hologic's pioneering work, 3D tomo platforms have been developed by other manufacturers and accessibility to the technology has grown and permeated a much wider variety of facilities. Maybe yours is next, eh?

The fact that you've reached this blog tells us you've heard of 3D tomo, but what you might not know is how it works and how your facility and your patients will benefit from using it. We'll share those details below to help you decide if purchasing a mammography system enabled with 3D tomo is right for you.

Tomosynthesis Capabilities in Mammography Equipment

How Does it Work?

The concept is simple but it produces high quality results. Fifteen consecutive images are taken from different angles across the arc of the breast to produce a 3D “slice” image. This, in turn, yields a cleaner, clearer image. Plain and simple, a lesion that’s missed in one image may be detected in another based on the angle of X-ray.

Dr. Phil Evans from the University of Texas Southwestern Center for Breast Care said it this way: “You can see cancer with tomosynthesis that you could not see with a routine mammography.”

5 Benefits of Tomosynthesis

  1. Fewer call backs for additional screening and testing.
  2. Simple detection shows the inner breast structure without the distortion and shadowing.
  3. Faster detection as thin layers of tissue are shown separately and suspicious lesions from 2D images can be ruled out as benign.
  4. Increased comfort because 2D and 3D images can be produced in a single compression.
  5. Improved imaging for large, dense breast tissue.

Has Tomo Replaced FFDM as the Preferred Method for Breast Cancer Screening?

We won't say that tomo has completely replaced FFDM, but with 1 in 8 women predicted to develop breast cancer over their lifetime healthcare providers are always looking for ways to increase detection accuracy. We can also attest from experience as an equipment provider that demand has only grown for 3D tomo-enabled systems over the last several years.

The Takeaway

Whether the need for your next mammography system is now, or a few years down the road, the benefits of 3D tomo make it a logical next step. What's more- with some years under its belt, 3D tomo is more affordable than ever and systems like the Hologic Dimensions are increasing in availability.

If you'd like to start a conversation about how you can harness the benefits of 3D tomo for your work, we're ready to help. Give us a call, or use the button below to browse our current selection of mammography systems.

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