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Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment Opportunities in Europe

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Here is an intriguing report by Frost and Sullivan on “Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment – Growing Business During Lean Economy” presented in 2010 that is worth a read.  This report’s assessment about the opportunities for Refurbished Medical Imaging Equipment in Europe couldn’t be more “right on” in my opinion.  

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The fact that Europe and the Eastern Bloc are extremely interested in refurbished medical imaging equipment should come as no surprise. Refurbished equipment has been gaining in popularity for the past several years throughout the USA for a variety of reasons:

  1. Availability of quality, late model systems and installers

  2. A growing number of top notch, ISO certified refurbishers

  3. A significant number of qualified 3rd Party ISOs and innovative service programs

  4. A vast supply of quality spare parts supported by warranties

  5. Major OEMs now all offer refurbished products

As is reported in the Frost & Sullivan study, there is keen demand and interest in refurbished equipment growing throughout Europe.

The infrastructure in Europe, however, lags in that 3rd Party ISO’s (Independent Service Organizations) are in their infancy and the OEMs are not so eager or willing to offer service if they didn’t sell the product. That’s natural and will only change when there is legitimate competition. And that will certainly come with time. 

Funders will also begin to take note of the opportunities for them to invest in refurbished equipment because it is what their clients are asking for. So, will Europe catch up?  Absolutely! 

It may take a while, but Europe will learn what the USA already knows. If you seek quality, late model technology, properly supported in all ways and including financing, you have options. And the bottom line? More affordable healthcare…