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ECR 2011 Report | European Imaging Market Ripe for Change

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ECR2011 Block Imaging Team and ExhibitBlock Imaging underscored our recent press release announcing the formalization of a European office and the exclusive representation agreement with Mr. Christos Salvanos, by exhibiting for the first time ever at the ECR 2011 (European Congress of Radiology) annual meeting in Vienna.  

The ECR annual meeting and exhibition is Europe's version of RSNA, though smaller in scale. Some 300+ companies exhibit and greet more than 20,000 visitors from 52 countries during the 4 days of the show. 

Beyond the checking out of new imaging equipment and systems being offered by various OEMs, there is a plethora of companies represented who support and augment our industry in numerous ways. Free enterprise is a beautiful thing when it is allowed to work. New ideas, new technology and innovative approaches to doing old things makes life very interesting and offers health care providers around Europe and beyond new ideas to take home and ponder.ECR2011 C Arm Display resized 600

One thing is obvious; there is no shortage of demand for technology but with funding running out everywhere in the world, the common thread that runs through every discussion is the thirst for "value". No longer do you hear "we only buy new" as was once the unanimous reply from US hospitals and imaging centers. The same is beginning to be true in Europe.

Buyers would be buying even more refurbished imaging equipment if access to third party service was available. But that, too, will come, and when it does, I predict, you will see a rush for quality pre-owned imaging equipment similar to that of the USA today. 

Buyers from Eastern Bloc countries, former Russian Republics and beyond are eagerly looking for quality imaging equipment and have money to spend. It is refreshing to see their enthusiasm when they learn what is possible in terms of refurbished imaging solutions, engineering support and spare parts.  

All in all, it was a great experience and the quality of interaction was outstanding. We shall look forward to seeing many of you again at ECR 2012 next March!