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Donating Used Medical Equipment | Wheelchairs of Hope

Posted by Krista Kotrla

Feb 24, 2011 9:19:00 PM

For those of us involved in this industry, it comes as no surprise that there are significant opportunities to make the most of used medical equipment. There is the business of refurbishing and reconditioning used medical equipment for resale, remarketing a used system as is or even harvesting used equipment for spare parts… all ways resellers and refurbishers pay the bills. But, for hospitals and brokers operating in Japan there is another “green option” for recycling used medical equipment and that is donating.

Wheelchairs donated by Block ImagingThis past month, our Japan office, Nihon Block Imaging, was working with a hospital in Tokyo to liquidate some of their imaging equipment and learned that the facility was also disposing of 15 wheelchairs in very good condition. Instead of letting them be thrown out, we had the privilege of arranging the donation of these used wheelchairs to a very worthy organization, Wheelchairs of Hope.

We received a thank you note we want to share, not to pat-ourselves-on-our-own-back but, instead, to bring attention to this wonderful organization and get the word out so that many more used wheelchairs in good condition (at present, their activities are only provided in Japan) can be donated to help them in their cause.

Here is the note we received from the Director of Wheelchairs of Hope... 

“I am delighted to hear that you thought of Wheelchairs of Hope when finding those 15 wheelchairs!  Thank you so much.

At Wheelchairs of Hope we collect and refurbish used wheelchairs here in Japan to send to points in Asia where lives can be changed through the gift of a wheelchair, and the gift of hope.

So far we have sent 577 chairs to 12 different countries.  Those aren't large numbers, but to each person who receives a wheelchair, it's huge.

We see chairs that might have unnecessarily ended up as landfill now used well, and we also meet many people who care about others as they come to donate wheelchairs, help clean and refurbish the chairs, and some also transport them to recipients overseas.  All this is done by donors and volunteers.  We are constantly amazed at how God has sustained this NPO.

Thank you again so very much.”

 8 Ways to Help Wheelchairs of Hope

Are you in Japan with wheelchairs to donate?

Here are

 8 Ways You Can Help Wheelchairs of Hope

Do you know of non-profit groups accepting wheelchair donations in other countries? Let us know! We'd be happy to share their information too.


Written by Krista Kotrla 


Krista Kotrla is Senior Vice President of Marketing at Block Imaging. She is also a wife and mother of three, working from her home state of Texas. Krista is passionate about growing businesses through social culture and inspiring teams to accomplish things that really matter. Learn more about Krista here.


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