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From Used X-ray to Global Imaging Solutions... The History of Block Imaging

Posted by Bruce Block

Feb 2, 2011 5:58:00 PM

It drives me batty when people say “…it seems like only yesterday” but, for me, it does. Back in the mid-90s, after nearly 19 years in a different industry I found myself doing used medical imaging equipment sales. I wasn’t totally sure if “X-ray” had a hyphen or not and yet, there I was.  In my previous line of work I was considered an expert of sorts. People actually called to ask me questions. Governments flew me to inspect new plants and treated me like royalty. So I go from expert to rookie and the transition was not easy.  

But I know that people universally appreciate the same things regardless of their business specialty. Fair dealings, copious communication and sincere appreciation play well no matter what the business. 

Used CT ScannerSo after a few years working for a startup company, in 1997, I hung out the Block Imaging shingle and prayed for a deal or two to keep the wolf from the door. Broker flips of used MRI machines and CT scanners, a growing network of buyers and sellers and a medical imaging market ready for a 180 degree transformation from “OEM only” to “Value Driven”, put Block Imaging on the proverbial “fast track.”  

The home office quickly became too small and then followed year after year growth, new and changing offices, warehouses and now today... The Block Imaging International headquarters is now a beautiful modern 10,000 sq ft. building in a progressive office park in suburban Lansing. Block Imaging Parts and Service, Inc. was founded in 2009, was ISO certified in 2010 and now sports 11 staging bays for:

Block companies employ some 70 personnel, most in the Lansing, Michigan headquarters but many in local and regional offices in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Florida, Indiana, Texas and California as well as Germany and Japan.

Block Imaging Team

Our name has become well known throughout the imaging world and our reputation as a hard working and honest group of people who communicate well and show sincere interest and appreciation, is well documented.  

In 14 short years we have made moves from a small brokering operation, to a global organization buying, selling, refurbishing and providing engineering services and medical imaging parts to the most value driven market the imaging world has ever seen. 

It does seem like only yesterday. Cannot imagine what tomorrow might look like but we will be there, ready and willing to serve.

Please let us know how we can serve your medical imaging equipment, parts and service needs.

Block, Bruce


Written by Bruce Block


Bruce Block is the Chairman of Block Imaging. In case the name didn’t tip you off, he also founded the company in 1997. Bruce is passionate about cultivating a team culture that delivers memorable service. Ultimately, his desire is to make every customer Block Imaging serves a “raving fan”.



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