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What Hospitals Hate To Do: Sell & Service Used Medical Equipment

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In the course of running any business there are always at least 3 categories of tasks: 

  1. The things you love to do and do very well
  2. The things you hate to do but still do them very well
  3. The things you hate to do and may not do them particularly well

Hospitals are in the business of patient care and do that task exceedingly well. However, in order to provide patient care they are, or have been, forced to undertake tasks other than providing patient care directly. For example, offering world class medical imaging services requires the following:

  • Purchasing equipment
  • Financing
  • Sell used medical equipment
  • Site planning and preparation
  • Imaging Equipment Service contracts
  • Staffing
  • Compliance
  • Purchasing supplies
  • Reading images
  • Biomed Engineering
  • Parts
  • OSHA, HIPPA and every other acronym you can think of….

Don’t get me wrong.  I am sure many of these tasks are done well and some Rad Managers, Material Management Managers, Purchasing Directors and CEO’s really like doing this stuff but some don’t.   Throw in:

  1. Reduced reimbursements
  2. Fewer insured
  3. Legal actions
  4. Tight financial markets
  5. Escalating service costs
    and more…

So what might be out there to help with these challenges?  Well, since you asked;  Block Imaging, the global leader in refurbished imaging systems and solutions is pleased to announce a new initiative called….you guessed it…”Block Partners Initiative”.   This program addresses all of the aspects required to perform world class imaging as it regards equipment and what it takes to support and keep systems operational. The key elements of this program are:

  • Consultation and Asset Management Services – Refurbished solutions, cost savings, full warranties, upgrading/replacement planning
  • Equipment Valuation, Purchasing and Logistics Services – Inspections, validation, valuation, purchasing, “green” disposals, site planning
  • Flexible Equipment Service Options – You choose the vendor, great savings, a “shared risk” option and a 24/7 US based Call Center
  • Spare Parts Sales and Support – Same day shipping of tested and warranted parts, huge inventory, pre-recorded system data = fast turnaround

    Block Partners Initiative


It is always good to have a partner and in this case it is truly a win win proposition. It leaves you, the Hospital, to focus on what you are really good at while we do the same!

 Block Partners Initiative

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