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Refurbished Medical Imaging Modalities… a New Interest

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As I read this fascinating article about the appeal of used imaging equipment, memories of the not so distant past came flooding to my mind...

Here are senior executives from the major manufacturers of Medical Imaging equipment talking with enthusiasm about “used CT’s and MRI’s”. For anyone who has been around the pre-owned industry any length of time, this has to be the worm making a full 180 degree turn. It was not too many years ago that refurbished imaging equipment was only available through companies like Comdisco, Huestis and a handful of other local independents. Comdisco is gone and Huestis has been through a couple of owners yet is still around. You could have been arrested for having a conversation with a hospital or imaging center about buying used or refurbished equipment or at least be asked to come back after dark so no one could see you or them.

And now here we are... All the major OEMs, such as GE, Philips, Siemens and Toshiba have significant refurbishment operations around the globe. Stand alone organizations are committed to growing their footprints by refurbishing, marketing, installing, warranting and servicing... unbelievably, Refurbished Medical Imaging equipment. And, I’m told they actually make calls on hospitals and imaging centers in broad daylight!

Independents, such as Block Imaging International, Inc., have also become global players in the used and refurbished arena. In the past, independents like us, who may have only had equipment to offer and had to hope the client could find their own financing and service, now have a full tool box. Quality late Refurbished Medical Imaging Modalities model equipment, refurbished in an ISO9001 facility, delivered, installed, warranted and including economical, comprehensive service is just the beginning. Then throw in financing capabilities for every credit category with billions in available capital behind us, an ingenious equipment upgrade program allowing facilities to avoid the dreaded RFP and everyone’s favorite dance... the “let’s talk to all the OEMs about what’s new in technology, take oxygen after seeing the costs and then crawl to yet another board meeting for their blessing, shuffle”, and you have a multitude of reasons to consider a reputable independent like Block.

Traditional funding sources have dried up, Medicare reimbursements are declining faster than the value of your home, and uncertainty is the new normal. So, there are a million reasons to consider pre-owned or refurbished systems and from a variety of sources, including some top-notch independents. Hospitals and Imaging Centers have never been more value driven buyers than today. The good news is this; they have never had more options to reduce costs, maintain quality and service and find affordable financing, than they do today. Necessity really is the mother of invention.

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