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The Medical Imaging Equipment Market… Everything has changed

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I don’t recall a time when there have been more market factors in our industry driving the pursuit of “value” than today. Consider a few of them…

  • Medicare reimbursement cuts breathtaking
  • Reimbursement disparity between Hospitals and Imaging Centers
  • Financial services meltdown
  • Bond market collapse
  • OEM cutbacks and contractions
  • Legitimate options for 3rd Party Service
  • Legitimate options for Spare Parts
  • Legitimate options for Refurbished Equipment

This is a short list but you get the picture. Many Hospitals and Imaging Centers have delayed the replacement and updating of their equipment for some of the above reasons… There is significant pent up demand but the traditional Purchasing Models don’t work as well as they used to. Automatically opting for “new equipment” because “we always buy new” isn’t the norm anymore. But considering the secondary market could strike fear into those “traditional” buyers because they feel they would have to fend for themselves for financing, warranty/service and other services historically offered only by the OEM.

There is good news in that quality refurbished imaging systems can be purchased very economically and with a full complement of support services including financing, warranty/service, parts support, site planning and other engineering services.  

For Block Imaging we have a full Financial Services Department making lease or loan decisions every day and with considerable financial resources behind us.

Our ISO 9001 Parts and Service Company offers first class service (US Based 24/7 Call Center), responsiveness, engineering and parts support.

We are doing in house, world class reconditioning of a wide array of imaging systems from CT, Mammography, X-Ray, Interventional Labs, Bone Density and more, so the hospitals and imaging centers around the world can have a very viable alternative to new.

So everything has changed, or so it seems, but sometimes difficulties cause people and organizations to move from a position of “comfort” to one of “necessity” and all of a sudden the view is not so bad. In fact, in the case of the Medical Imaging world we live in, high quality equipment, late model technology, financing, service and other support make the view almost perfect.

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