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Refurbished Imaging Equipment & Applied Health Science Education

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Partnering with Michener – A True Win-Win-Win with Global Implications… 

This past RSNA 2010 gave us reason to celebrate and for many reasons. In America we celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday whereby we set aside a day to reflect on all we have and how our ancestors took great risks because they had a vision. We are all thankful they did! We, along with 50 or 60,000 of our best friends converged on Chicago to celebrate a different sort of event, that being the “really big show” for the Medical Imaging industry. New products, amazing technology, services and a cadre of support industries all show their wares and provide encouragement and ultimately hope for patients who will benefit from these remarkable inventions emanating from the genius of mankind. 

For Block Imaging and the Michener Institute, Canada’s preeminent educator of healthcare professionals, it was a different sort of celebration. Two very different organizations, but yet with the common goal of patient care, formed a partnership of sorts that creates an all too rare, win-win-win model. This model, we believe, could change the way institutions such as Michener, and others around the world, are funded and equipped to ensure they are using modern technology to train the future care givers at our hospitals and clinics. Here it is in a nutshell… 

Block Imaging International buys and sells pre-owned medical imaging equipment globally. We also refurbish, repair, offer parts and engineering along with a host of other services. Michener is a trusted educator with significant relationships throughout Canada. Hospitals know them and trust them.

Michener competes for funding, much of it from the Government, and stands in line like everyone else and suffers when budgets are cut, just like every other governmentally funded agency. In their headquarters in downtown Toronto are significant numbers of imaging systems, much of which need updating and replacement. This gives you a background and probably a hint about where I am going.

Canada’s hospitals will be introduced by Michener to the world of refurbished imaging equipment, parts and service from Block Imaging. They “win” by acquiring high end, late model equipment and ongoing service at significant savings when compared to new. They also have a place to sell their decommissioned equipment at fair prices and have those systems professionally deinstalled.

Flex Service from Block Parts & Service, an ISO 9001 certified company, will also afford considerable savings for ongoing equipment service and savings on parts for those facilities performing their own in house service, making it a tri-fecta!  

Block, naturally, “wins” by having the enormous Canadian market opened to them for the purchase and sale of their products and services. Finally, with each transaction, the Michener Institute receives funding from Block Imaging as well as unique equipment opportunities and service, to modernize the equipment being used to train Michener students. Those students then find careers at those same institutions which created the transactions that resulted in the equipment the students were trained on! The patients and the hospitals thus “win” as well! 

We, at Block Imaging, believe this model could have application for training institutions around the globe. Leveraging trusting relationships and extending the reach and impact of those relationships to help fund and equip the very institutions that will train the next generation of health care professionals. We all love to win, but in this case, the win-win-win scenario is all about patient care, a game truly worth playing and winning!

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