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CR Wars Episode II: AGFA 85X vs. Fuji XG5000

Posted by Tim Mustapha

Dec 20, 2013 4:35:00 PM

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Fuji CR

If buying a fully digital rad system isn't in your budget, don't worry; a CR reader just might be able to give you a new hope. The legacy begun in CR Wars Episode I continues: two CRs, from two major players, compared side-by-side to help you bring balance to the processing needs of your facility.

Key features of this installment's contenders, the AGFA 85X and the Fuji XG5000, are laid out below.  


AGFA 85X vs. Fuji XG5000:

Feature AGFA 85X Fuji XG5000
Plates Per Hour up to112 up to120
Grayscale Output  12 12 
Cycle Time  32 seconds  30 seconds
Sampling Pitch  6,10, or 20 pixels/mm 5 or 10 pixels/mm 
Average Price*  $19,500 $29,500 

*Installed, with 1-year warranty


From the information in the table, it's apparent that these two CR readers are suited to two scenarios as different as, say; a desert planet and a forest moon. So, where does each of these readers shine? 


Where the 85X Wins

Unlike the XG5000, the 85X can be used for mammography with an added license (generally outside the US). It's also more affordable.If your facility is smaller and/or has a focus on women's health, the 85X might be a better pick between these two.


Where the XG5000 Wins

The XG5000 has a cassette capacity of four at a time while the 85X will hold ten. In spite of this large difference, the XG5000 wins in throughput speed. If you're running at a high patient volume, the speed advantage of this machine could be worth the additional up-front cost.


For more info on other CR models, look out for future episodes of CR Wars. 


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Written by Tim Mustapha

author of blog post

Topics: Buying Imaging Equipment, X-Ray

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