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How Much Can I Save with a Refurbished Cath Lab?

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Most of us expect to pay much less for something that is refurbished than something that is new. That's a perfectly reasonable expectation and one that holds as true for interventional imaging equipment as any product. With that expectation intact, the question becomes, "Exactly how much do I stand to save by buying a refurbished cath lab?" We believe there are two answers to this question: a dollar amount and an overall value.

Below, we'll share what dollar amount you can expect top save when you buy a refurbished cath lab versus a new one, as well as the additional value those savings create.

How Much Does a Refurbished Cath Lab Save?

We'll get to the number and the value in just a moment. Up front, we'd like to address the obvious case that some state against the value of refurbishment: that it doesn't actually save any money because the equipment is used and won't last as long, or is more likely to have problems that will be expensive to fix. These arguments don't hold up if you work with a reputable refurbishment provider. Reputable providers restore equipment to OEM standards through ISO-certified processes and stand behind their work with extended warranties and field service coverage, making the cost savings very real. 

That said, let's jump into the numbers!

The Number

If you call up GE, Philips, or Siemens and say, "I need a fully digital vascular cath lab with a 30cm detector," chances are you'll spend between $900,000 and $1,300,000 for a new system with a one-year warranty. While only the OEM can offer the very newest systems and model years, a similar system from an earlier year or one generation back, refurbished, with a one-year warranty falls into the $250,000 - $495,000 range. With those averages in mind, there's a good chance you could save your hospital $500,000 or more by buying a refurbished cath lab instead of a new one. 

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The Value

So, now that you've saved 500,000 hypothetical dollars, you might wonder what other uses you could find for them. Below are just a couple of options:

 Option 1

Option 2

CT-and-mammo-package 9900-1.5t-mri-combo

Option 1 uses that 500K to also outfit your facility with a refurbished 64-slice CT scanner and a refurbished digital mammography system, both installed with a one-year warranty.

Option 2 boosts your stable of imaging equipment as well with a 1.5T MRI and an OEC 9900 C-arm, installed with a one-year warranty.

The Takeaway

Wherever the savings go at the end of the fiscal year, a number like $500,000 makes it clear that refurbished cath lab equipment is an option well worth considering. On top of the savings, features like ISO-certified refurbishment processes, extended warranties, and parts and service coverage are becoming increasingly available on the secondary market, making refurbished equipment as reliable to use and simple to maintain as many brand-new systems.

To learn more about your used and refurbished cath lab equipment, service, and parts options, contact us or download our free Cath Lab Buyer's Guide.