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Prone Biopsy Table Site Planning

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If you're considering adding a prone stereotactic biopsy table to your department, you might be curious if you have enough space to accommodate one. While there is more than one way to effectively design a room, below are sample room drawings (click to enlarge) for the Hologic Multicare Platinum and Fischer/Siemens Mammotest Plus tables.

Sample Room Plans for Breast Biopsy Tables

Hologic MultiCare Layout 


Siemens MammoTest Layout


While manufacturers suggest a minimum room space of 12’ by 12’, a slightly larger room can certainly have some advantages. The top figure includes a utility sink (which can be useful for both patients and practitioners) while the bottom figure includes an optional patient changing room as well. Both of these require a slightly larger total space, but offer an extra degree of comfort for those who will be using the room.

If Block Imaging can be of assistance during the process of exploring your stereotactic table options, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us. We usually have biopsy tables in stock and our project managers can always help you determine if your current space can accommodate a prone biopsy table.  

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