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3 Reasons to Buy a Refurbished GE Precision 500D R/F Room

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As you begin looking for your facility's next R/F room, one of the first things you'll notice is that there is no shortage of options. All the major players make 'em, they all have several models, and many of those models are available both new and refurbished.

Depending on your unique scenario, any one of these options could be a great fit. But as far as we're concerned, one option you'd be hard-pressed to go wrong with is a refurbished GE Precision 500D R/F room. Here are some reasons why we think the 500D is such a great pick:


Okay, so we figured we'd get the big one out of the way first. Pricing for a refurbished 500D will be a fraction of the cost of brand new. On top of that, refurbished systems are required to operate within the same quality and safety specifications as new equipment, so performance shouldn't be an issue if you buy from a reputable refurbishment company.

Now that we've covered why to buy refurbished, let's get into why to buy a 500D.

Ease of Service

Overall, GE imaging equipment is reliable in performance and longevity. This is proven in part by the sizable market share they enjoy. But, for those scenarios where issues do happen to arise, this market share also affords GE users (especially in the US) high parts availability and access to trained service personnel, both from the OEM and third-party organizations. 

Block Imaging is just one example of the latter, with a large inventory of GE R/F parts and a team of trained engineers in the field. Buying refurbished, combined with third-party parts and service, can be an excellent way to "double down" in terms of savings.

System Features

If monetary savings and highly accessible maintenance don't float your boat, a refurbished Precision 500D also comes with many of GE's latest R/F developments. These features offer excellent image quality and physician workflow. Below are just a few of them:

  • 12 in. tri-mode image intensifier
  • Digital fluoroscopy imaging chain
  • 3-phase generator 480 VAC500D 017
  • MX100 overhead X-ray tube
  • Chest bucky
  • Tilting table option
  • DICOM print option
  • Pulse fluoro
  • Prestige digital option
  • Virtual collimator
  • 12-bit CCD camera
  • Autoex
  • Brightness control and extended dynamic range
  • MARS module computer workstation 
  • Touchscreen for optimized workflow
  • Patient protocols direct from PACS
  • 1k  x 1k 12 bit CCD camera
  • CAN

As we said earlier, there are a lot of R/F options out there and, depending on your situation, any number of them might be a good fit for your facility. But, if you're looking for advanced features combined with simple service and your budget has room for a more recent model, the GE Precision 500D is an excellent pick.

We're ready to help if you need to know more about the 500D or if you're interested in exploring other R/F room models. Contact us for additional information.

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