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OEC C-Arms vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arms

OEC C-Arms vs. Philips Pulsera C-Arms

Both OEC and Philips manufacture good C-arms. So, why do many prefer OEC? In our opinion, there are several key reasons at play. To help you learn more about the differences between these two product lines from two major players, we'll detail below the three biggest reasons we've heard why our clients and partners have had more positive experiences with OEC equipment.

OEC and Philips C-Arm Comparison

Third-Party Engineering

We all know that service and proper maintenance of imaging equipment is crucial. Ipso facto, having a good engineer in close proximity to your facility is very important too. In the event that you would like to use a third-party engineer instead of the OEM (a significant cost savings), you will likely have a tough time finding one who can, or will, service Philips systems. On the flip side, third-party engineers who will service OEC systems are in abundance.    

Parts Availability

There are tons of parts options available on the secondary market for OEC systems – even for older models like the OEC 9600. Philips parts are available as well, but at nowhere near the scale of OEC. Because of this lower level of parts availability, Philips parts are often more costly to replace than OEC parts.


Simply put, OEC just has more power. If you're doing longer vascular studies or working with larger, even bariatric patients, all that power comes in handy. For example, the graph below gives power details for recent C-arm offerings from both manufacturers:

Specification OEC 9900 Philips BV Pulsera

15 kW

7.5 kW

kV Range

40 - 120

60 Fitted

mA Range

Up to 75 @ 120 kVp

3.25 - 125

Tube Power Rating

15 kW @ 100 kVp

15 kW @ 110 kVp

X-Ray Tube

Rotating Anode

Rotating Anode

Heat Capacity

300,000 HU

30,000 HU


If the nature of your C-arm work doesn't need all the anatomy-penetrating power of an OEC 9900 or 9800, an OEC 8800 might be just right. It costs less and has a smaller footprint, making it ideal for tighter spaces and less fluoro-heavy applications.

The Takeaway

Although the paragraphs above point out advantages of choosing OEC over Philips, each user scenario will be different. Choosing the best C-arm for you may come down to factors other than those we've discussed. In any case, Block Imaging supports models from all the major C-arm manufacturers. We're here to answer your questions and help you make a great C-arm choice for your facility. We also love feedback and want to know your opinion on which manufacturer you prefer and why. Tell us what you think!

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