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What Prorated Glassware Coverage Means for You

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Prorated glassware is becoming more and more prevalent in quotes for imaging equipment.  It could be very good for the company offering it to you, but is it a good thing for you? While the up-front cost savings in your service contract might seem great, prorated glassware can leave you with a lot of risk you may not have accounted for. 

Here’s what prorated glassware really means for imaging equipment owners:


More Financial Risk

Let’s say your contract presents 12-month prorated glassware coverage. If your glassware fails upon installation, the equipment vendor will pay for replacement in full. But, as time goes by, you take on increasing financial responsibility for the glassware if it needs to be replaced. For each month that passes, you are 1/12 more responsible.  

Or, if you prefer to work in percentages, you can look at it this way: if your coverage starts January 1st and your tube needs replacement 60% of the way through the year (July), you pay for 60% of the tube and the vendor pays for 40%. If your tube makes it into say, September, you pay 80% of the tube cost and the vendor pays 20%, and so on. Make sense? 


The Takeaway

All that being said, prorated glassware coverage still makes sense sometimes, especially with new X-ray equipment. There are certainly scenarios where it can be part of a package that will serve you well. However, when connected to a service contract, it can be a gamble that might cost you more than purchasing full tube replacement coverage. We won't go so far as to recommend against prorated glassware coverage, but we do recommend that all service contract buyers consider a vendor's prorated glassware terms with caution. 

There are a lot of things to consider in the imaging equipment marketplace. If you want to know more about your options, what they cover, and what they cost, you can download our free Imaging Equipment Service Buyer's Guide to start learning.

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